Why did you make your fingers?

By Wiki Healthier Staff

Why did you make your fingers? Today we will talk about the most common causes and some solutions for this problem.

Sure it will happen to you, sometimes to feel sudden pressure on your fingers and a slight swelling. The fingers of the hands swell so much that you can no longer remove the rings.

Sometimes it happens while you are walking or in the evening. What should you? The causes behind this classic finger swelling are many. We explain them in the following lines.

Swelling in any part of the body is usually due to a buildup of fluids. Also, in the fingers, overwork is a very common phenomenon.

The cause of this accumulation of fluids depends on poor circulation, even if in some cases it can be the indicator of other diseases that you can identify when the symptoms are known. It is worth meeting them.

Causes of swelling in the fingers

1. Poor circulation

An excess of cholesterol or high blood pressure or decompensated force Our circulatory system to slide the blood from the Heart to the lungs with more force and high speed, which causes fatigue.

This circulatory intensity in our chest, consequently, is punished at the ends, like the fingers. Colder hands and fingers feel swollen because our blood vessels are mostly dilated, which results in edema and swelling. We feel swollen, shoes don’t fit, for example, and we feel tingling in our hands, as well as having slightly swollen fingers.

3. Swelling due to carpal tunnel

When we are suffering from the so-called carpal tunnel, there is usually a reduction in blood flow in this area of ​​the body, due to compression of the median nerve; This causes a feeling of numbness in the fingers, accompanied by cold and swelling in the fingers.

4. After an allergic reaction

sometimes a foreign body can enter our body. To defend ourselves, the body releases histamine into the bloodstream, in order to fight against it, causing swelling in the fingers. In the face of such a reaction, we must take antihistamines.

5. Infection

An infection occurs when germs enter our skin through an injury: sometimes a small cut is enough. It may happen that a finger begins to swell and feel a sensation of pain. Sometimes the infection can reach the tissue and then the bone, causing the appearance of fever.

6. Rheumatoid arthritis

It is easy on the joints and cartilage that affects our fingers. What are the symptoms? Age does not matter: a swollen finger can suddenly appear accompanied by a crimson red color. He always feels pain, especially in the morning, and it is common to hear stiff fingers and have difficulty moving them.

What to do in the presence of swollen fingers?

1. Exercises to eliminate tingling and water retention

  • You can reduce water retention by moving your fingers as you can see in the image. This movement allows blood to flow and removes excess fluids. It is simply a matter of repeatedly moving the thumb in and out of the hand. A simple movement is able to restore liquid balance.
  • Another equally useful exercise is to join the palms (as for praying) and raise them above the head. This movement also helps compensate for our circulation.

2. Apply to natural diuretics

It will allow you to remove water retention from the body. First, try to drink two liters of water a day, then include natural diuretic properties in your diet.

For example, green tea, celery, carrot, tomatoes, onion, eggplant, asparagus, artichoke, brush cucumber, Brussels sprouts, lettuce

3. Balanced diet without salt

After eating a diet rich in fiber and vegetables and eliminating industrial fats, additives and salt, your body will enjoy better health. Eliminate water retention, improve circulation and lose weight.

4. Compression gloves

If you tend to have swollen fingers and feel pain, you can use compression gloves that you can buy at the pharmacy. They are very useful in these cases: they apply adequate pressure to the hands and fingers, eliminating excess fluids.

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