Who Really Loves Us We Will Offer Calm And Certainty And We Will Never Deceive Each Other

By Wiki Healthier Staff

Those who love us know how we are and we do not try to change ourselves because they accept our virtues and our defects and support us in each of our businesses.

who loves us will make us laugh, we will give ourselves happiness and we will offer certainties where our fears, anxieties and sadness reside.

We know that it is not always easy to find an emotionally mature person, someone who gives us this authentic security where there is no room for error or half the truth. However, we must also have one thing from the very beginning: we must offer the same things that we require to others, and at the same time, it is not incomprehensible about what we deserve. Affective relationships are complex, there is no doubt.

It requires a great investment on a personal level, a willingness to grow and this ability to offer dignity and happiness to the loved one and at the same time take care of yourself.

Relationships characterized by happiness are also those that make us try to calm down. A magical and exceptional dimension that offers us great well-being and great satisfaction.

We offer an interesting reflection on the subject.

who really loves us know how to listen to us

Feeling and listening are not the same, we all know. In love, especially, we need to be heard and understood.

We need this intimacy to feel that what we think and express is understood.

  • It is good to remember that in any type of relationship, it is not mandatory to agree with everything. However, what is necessary, must be understood and be able to reach an agreement.
  • Another important aspect is to know if it communicates and transmits the words the mixture made up of our emotions.

It is common, for example, not to say when you are angry or if something bothered you in the hope that others “come on their own or due, which is wrong.”

We must learn to say what irritates us or worries when it is not too late.

that he really loves us will give us confidence, not uncertainty

Let’s all deserve complete love, not a report in between and with clauses like “Today I love you, tomorrow I’ll see and the day after tomorrow, you have to do this if you want me to show you affection.”

    No one deserves a love based on uncertainties, threats, or fears that, given the slightest opportunity, the other person will abandon us.

  • No solid and mature relationship is built on shaky foundations.

Mature love is calm, where there is nothing to fear, where there is no fear or doubt for the future that leads us if our partner also loves each other.

who really loves us, will support us

On our blog, we often talk about the need to track our own destiny, to love what is theirs, and that personal security allows us to draw our journey and make our decisions without taking others into account.

  • Well, when we are in an even relationship, we have a firm commitment in which we invest every day in what we believe.
  • In all affective relationships, we must be supported.

We are very interested in what our partner thinks and for that reason all criticism or contempt in relation to our goals, desires or hobbies is generally experienced in a very painful way.

We must bear in mind that you love someone means knowing respect and supporting their personal projects. This is a way to enrich the relationship and set wings for the personal growth of the couple. You don’t deserve it, you don’t need it and you don’t give it dignity as people.

One thing we need to remember is that the person who can lie to someone who is, with the fusion, is in love, not even particularly loving. What lovers, in fact, keep as a precious object, as a delicate treasure to which you should be careful.

If you have forgiven a lie and liar, be careful and find out if those lies are a constant.

It’s important not to get used to forgiving everything because otherwise the other person will feel entitled to hurt us. That’s because we don’t know how to set a clear and insurmountable limit.

who loves us to make it really like us, let’s not force ourselves to change

who really loves us will love us in all facets, in all peculiarities, defects or virtue.

We must never forget this simple principle, because exactly how no one has the right to demand that the things they grant against our identity or our values, they will not even have to ask more than to be what they don’t.

We love and demand that we love ourselves in an authentic way, as we are, by how we are defined and by what we have. We should not appear differently to please someone. In this way, we will only lose our self-esteem.

Always take these principles into consideration in your personal relationships because there will be a great help.

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