Watermelon Seeds, An Infusion To Purify The Kidneys

By Wiki Healthier Staff

It may seem strange, but fruit seeds help regulate intestinal traffic and strengthen the kidneys. Everyone knows the great benefits of watermelon. Therefore, nutritious and refreshing it is an essential fruit in the summer periods. However, many are used to remove the seeds. Semi-free watermelons have come onto the market, to spare customers the hassle of having to listen to you.

Did you know that these little treasures of nature contain a thousand health benefits? Consumed in limited quantities and cooked in the right way, an infusion of watermelon seeds is an excellent remedy to purify and strengthen the kidneys. Read on to find out more.

benefits of watermelon seeds

Who doesn’t like a watermelon? This fruit is perfect for the summer period, ideal for moisturizing and remineralizing the body and rich in antioxidants and diuretic properties.

However, it is a very widespread habit to remove the seeds because they are annoying and we are not used to eating them. However, by doing so, we lose all of its amazing benefits, which we have listed in this article.

1. Watermelon seeds are laxatives

Most of the fruit seeds act as a light laxative that promotes intestinal traffic. Those who know their benefits, put them aside to prepare a useful infusion to combat constipation. They are really effective!

2. Watermelon seeds purify the body and care for the kidneys

The infusion of watermelon seeds has been used since ancient times as a very effective remedy to purify the kidneys and combat kidney stones. It is highly diuretic and very effective in purifying the body, eliminating toxins and all these substances that form kidney stones.

The infusion of watermelon seeds also helps regulate hypertension, a fundamental aspect to preserve kidney health, much more than you normally think.

3. Watermelon seeds are a source of food

It’s really a shame to throw watermelon seeds and waste all its benefits. Did you know, for example, that they are very nutritious? These seeds with a dark color, in fact, are rich in lycopene, a very powerful antioxidant contained even in tomatoes, and it is also high in magnesium and zinc.

You should also know that watermelon seeds contain very few calories, but they are very energetic and excellent in convalescence or if affected by fatigue and weakness. An ideal remedy for those days when you are struggling to get out of bed!

Infusion income for watermelon seeds to purify the kidneys

Preparation of this infusion is very simple. It is an excellent remedy for those who suffer from kidney problems and frequent urinary tract infections. This is what you need to do:


  • 40 grams of watermelon seeds (try to use organic or cultivated watermelon as possible).
  • 1 liter of water.
  • 150 grams of Cocón cut into small pieces.


  • The first thing to do is bring the water to a boil.
  • while it’s on fire, patch the seeds of the watermelon. You can help him with a mortar to be able to choose them well and therefore make cooking easier.
  • Once you have chopped the watermelon seeds, add them to boiling water and let them cook for the ‘seeds’ mixture.
  • Now take the pieces of watermelon, mix and Mix the drink obtained with infusion of watermelon seeds.
  • in the refrigerator and in a glass bottle to avoid absorbing the flavor of other foods.

How to drink infusion

  • This drink should be consumed at room temperature.
  • The first cup is drunk on an empty stomach, and the second half an hour after meals.
  • Follow this care for two days after each week, until you start to see results.
  • it is very important not to add sugar. If you want to sweeten this drink, you can add a tablespoon of honey (25 gr).

You can use this remedy only when it is a watermelon season. However, you will find watermelon seeds in herbal medicine throughout the year, just because of its great properties.

Observe the effects that this infusion has on your body. Remember never to use more than 40 grams of seeds. The correct way to consume them is through this infusion and never eat them naturally, since they are not easy to digest.

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