Tricks And Masks To Have Curly Defined

By Wiki Healthier Staff

To eliminate the crepe effect that often ruins curly hair, you can apply masks at home. Essential oils help define them.

You may want to change the look or have defined curls. To show off a fantastic hairstyle every day or special occasions, feel free to read the following article where you will learn how to have perfect curls thanks to homemade hair masks and reliable tricks.

Having perfect curls without using an iron or hair dryer may seem utopian, but it is not. There are many ways to achieve this without the hair suffering from the use of these tools. If you have soft hair or if the waves are not very defined, pay attention to the following tips and homemade masks.

An excellent method to be able to have wonderful curves is to wrap your hair with elastics as tight as possible when the hair is still wet, that is, just by leaving the shower. Leave them a little so that it does not rotate and fix them with a caliper for an hour or two. When they start to dry, dissolve them and move them so they have more volume.

If your hair is slightly corrugated, you can use a large tooth comb when your hair is wet to destroy them and avoid spice. Next, separate the locks and fold with your fingers for about a minute. Repeat with all the hair and let them dry alone.

Our grandparents and moms didn’t have curling or round plates, but they got the same thing to appear wonderful. The secret was the rolls. Ask in a cosmetic store and consult your relatives to find out exactly how to put them on.


It is very easy, but at the same time it has its own secrets. She lost her hair and slept with the curlers of hair still on her head, holding them with a retina or a handkerchief. In the morning, take them one by one carefully and you will see how the amazing waves have formed.

Another way to get wavy hair (for those with very soft hair) is to braid while still wet. You can sleep with this hairstyle all night and the next day you will have a fabulous and voluminous chioma.

A beautiful French braid, starting out as more wholesale than a scalp, is the most recommended. If you have a lot of hairs, you can divide them into locks.

Prepare homemade hair masks, in order to eliminate the crepe effect and be able to show more beautiful and defined wavy hair. Heat two tablespoons of olive oil with half a cup of honey.

With this mixture, first, massaging the scalp and then reaching the ends. Cover the hair with a plastic sleeve. Let me spend half an hour and wash with a single sulfate shampoo. The honey might lighten your hair color slightly.

Essential or natural oils are used to obtain perfect curls. You just need to heat a cup of olive or coconut oil and apply it evenly over the entire surface of the hair.

Put a plastic earplug or hot towel for half an hour to promote better absorption of oil fibers.

Wash off with cold water and repeat thrice a week. Later, he dried some of his hair, so they don’t take and put into practice one of the techniques that we explained before.

Did you know that power has a lot to do with curls? If you drink enough amount of water per day (at least two liters), in fact, you can moisturize the body and still look cute. Also, add fish oil (plain or tablets), plus fruits and vegetables to your daily nutrition.

Do a deep treatment every week. This will ensure that the hair is more beautiful, healthy and manageable, leaving aside the “wounds” inflicted by the blow dryer or the various products. Mix the pulp of a whole avocado with a tablespoon of olive oil.

Add a teaspoon of yeast and applied to the hair. Leave on for 1 and then rinse. Wash as usual and choose the curling technique that is most comfortable and effective.


If you have corrugated hair, but without curly definition, if you have created a crepe effect and unruly hair is your nightmare, follow these tips: with the right shampoo and Balm for your hair type.

Rinse well and brush before leaving the shower with a low tooth tooth comb to destroy them under water. In this way, the hair will remain wet and will be stronger when it dries.

good for removing water. Dry with a towel holding them with one hand and add the stones. Exert light pressure for winding forms without using the hair dryer.

You need to make sure that they are not too exhausted, but they are still moist. You can apply a foam or create sticks or rolls directly by pulling on them with a gauge.

Leave it for at least half an hour. Melt the braids one carefully. Once the hair is loose, gently move the head to the ribs. You can better define the curls with your fingers.

Another great solution is, once you get out of the shower and have towel dried your hair, lower your head so that your hair stays suspended to the floor.

Apply pressure to the tips with your hand, grasping the slopes with your Closed fist and applying pressure to the scalp.

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