The Diet That Protects the Lungs: What Should It Include?

By Wiki Healthier Staff

To protect the lungs from chronic diseases, it is important to follow a good diet, with the correct contribution of omega 3 fatty acids and amino acids.

The diet that protects the lungs does not imply drastic changes in our habits. First of all, it is important to improve the quality of the food we eat, but, in general, it is enough to follow a balanced food plan, which includes all categories of nutrients.

Food, in fact, is a key element for the health of the respiratory system. You not only need to strengthen the immune system and increase defenses, but also promote tissue regeneration and thus protect them.

The connection between the food we eat and the health of the lungs is often not given the right attention. This, added to other poor habits or healthy conditions, explains the increase in lung diseases. How to do it, therefore, improve our power?

The diet that protects the lungs: what should you understand?

A good diet that protects the lungs offers interesting benefits even in the presence of respiratory system disorders. Of course, there is no need to have a respiratory problem to adopt it, but in general, it is useful to neutralize the symptoms of chronic obstructive airway or bronchopneumopathy (COPD).

As we have said, it is not a private food regime, which is adopted without changes. It simply brings together a series of eating habits that help us balance the diet and help the lungs when they are in difficulty. Take notes!

Omega-3 fatty acids

Omega 3 Fatty acids have a leading role in the diet that protects the lungs. It is mostly known for its positive effects on cardiovascular health, but it actually also acts on the lungs and the breathing mechanism.

This group of fats reduces the risk of contracting lung cancer or other chronic diseases, according to an article published in the journal Nutrient. At the same time, it stimulates the production of anti-inflammatory substances useful in case of asthma, influence or colds.

We see the main sources of omega 3 fatty acids:

  • Greasy fish (salmon, mackerel, sardines, tuna, etc.).
  • black beans.
  • flax seeds.
  • nuts.
  • oil olive oil.

Note: omega 3 are also available in supplement form. If you are following a therapy against hypertension, consult your doctor before hiring them.

glutamine and arginine

Lung diseases cause intense protein breakdown, especially two amino acids, glutamine and arginine. For this reason, in case of respiratory disorders, it may be useful to increase its absorption through food and supplements.

As prevention, to protect the health of the lungs, make sure that they are part of the recommended daily ration. In case of lung disease, on the other hand, the consumption should be a little higher. Arginine and glutamine can be obtained from fish, eggs, and dairy products.

Regular consumption of glutamine further reduces the incidence of respiratory diseases, according to a study published in the journal NutriVIGS. In addition, this substance seems to reduce the hospital stay for patients who have undergone surgery.


40 – 45% of the total calories in a lung-friendly diet should come from carbohydrates. Of course, you have to choose the complex ones, the data that simple sugars make inflammation worse. The best options are:

  • Whole grains.
  • legumes
  • fresh vegetables.
  • dried fruits and seeds.


It is decades that we recommend adding a good amount of antioxidants in the diet. In fact, they are essential because they oppose the action of free radicals.

A diet rich in antioxidants also benefits the lungs, which are among the most sensitive organs to the effects of toxins and oxidation.

The richest antioxidant foods are fresh fruits, olive oil and extra virgin vegetables. They can be obtained, although to a lesser extent, with other healthy foods, such as whole grains and nuts.

moderate sodium

Excess sodium intake is connected to different inflammatory diseases. For this reason, it is necessary to minimize this type of seasoning, replacing it, for example, with herbs and spices.

Both cooking salt and very salty industrial foods can aggravate lung diseases.

Causing fluid retention and low circulation, overloading the lungs and reducing respiratory capacity.

created the energy to protect the lungs

In addition to the advice that we have just given, it is good to know other eating habits that allow us to take care of the health of the lungs. For better breathing and good bronchial expansion, remember:

  • eat five meals per day (three main snacks).
  • Limit consumption of industrial and canned foods.
  • Avoid sugary drinks, energy drinks, and candy.
  • Calm hunger with healthy snacks such as those based on dried fruits, natural yogurt, fruit juices or vegetables.
  • Take more vitamin C, increasing the consumption of citrus fruits.

and finally, don’t forget to support these tips of regular physical exercise and the right amount of water. Both make the respiratory tract stronger and help detoxify the lungs when they are saturated.

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When the respiratory system is weak, it begins to accumulate toxins and chemicals; In this case, it is important to detoxify the lungs.


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