The Benefits Of Prunes For The Dried Body

By Wiki Healthier Staff

Among the benefits of dried plums, on the right, everyone knows about its laxative effect, linked to the high fiber and sorbitol content, but this fruit is distinguished even by its high energy intake

Dried plums fall into the dried fruit category, as they have lost most of their water. Therefore, they are a wrinkled and dark dried fruit.

Despite the dehydration and appearance, dried plums are sweet, so they are used in many cooking recipes. But in this article, we will only focus on the healing and medicinal aspects of this fruit.

printed plums

These small fruits contain high amounts of nutrients, such as:

  • fiber
  • vitamins (y, folic acid, k, c)
  • minerals (football, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, hole)
  • sorbitol

Thanks to its components, dried plums do significant benefits for our body. Next, we will explain 5 among the most beneficial effects of this fruit.

An excellent natural laxative

It is the best known effect of dried plums and is linked to the amount of fiber and sorbitol present in the fruit.

Sorbitol Favores Favores Action Laxative, which improves intestinal traffic. For this reason, dried plums are an excellent natural remedy in case of constipation.

They are indicated above all for women, since they must present great difficulties in relation to bowel movement.

  • Just eat about eight raw plums or dried plum juice drinks, lighter, easy to digest, and have the same effect as raw fruit.

One method for preparing dried plum juice is as follows:


  • 8 raw plums
  • 4 cups of water (1 liter)
  • 1 or 2 tablespoons of honey (25 or 50 g)

What should be done?

  • Place the plums in a container along with the water. Close with a lid and let it rest overnight.
  • the next morning, transfer everything to the blender and operate it for two or tr.
  • Finally, you can add more water and, for pleasure, sweeten with two tablespoons of honey.

natural energizer

useful Especially for athletes, dried plums are a natural energizer thanks to the amount of sugar present in the pulp.

They are ideal as a snack between one meal and another in times of physical or mental fatigue.

Antioxidant skin mask

plum Dried plums contain a lot of vitamins and that is good for the skin and prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

  • Just eat a handful of dried plums a day to deliver the antioxidants your skin needs. Also, you can prepare a facial mask to complete the beauty routine.
  • Here is the entry for a great antioxidant face mask:


  • 2 or 3 dried plums
  • enough milk

What should be done?

  • Blow up 2 or 3 dried plums and mix with a little milk to form a creamy mass.
  • Apply the mask with small touches, helping you with a cotton pad. Leave posing for 1.
  • Finally, wash your face with lukewarm water.

This mask helps to eliminate blackheads, mitigate wrinkles and skin blemishes, to reduce the ‘effect of oily skin.

dried plums to lose weight

Combined with the laxative effect linked to fiber intake, the low calorie content makes dried plums an ideal weight loss food.

The consumption of dried plums increases the feeling of satiety, thus avoiding ingesting additional calories and carbohydrates.

In addition, it helps to detoxify the body and metabolize sugars and fats more effectively. /p>

What should be done?

Consuming 100 grams of dried plums per day for two consecutive weeks has weight loss effects on the body that will be noticeable by hand as days go by.

Caries and Gingivitis

The mouth is the part of the copro. where germs and bacteria enter more easily.

SO OL THREE TO USE THE DOSS CPPIERTO AND THE MOUTH RINSE, it is good to know the foods that can prevent the formation of cavities and other diseases, such as gingivitis.

This is the case of dried plums, which prevent the appearance of cavities and inhibit the proliferation of bacteria, thanks to their triterpene compounds, which protect teeth.

For this and for all the benefits mentioned above, dried plums are considered a basic food for the daily diet, they protect the body, improve oral hygiene and promote skin health.

CAUTION Do not overdo it!

Although it is a wonderful fruit from all points of view, it is important not to overdo it.

It is best to consult a specialist or nutritionist, because each organism is unique and can react differently.

Among the side effects of excessive consumption of excessive plums, we remind ourselves:

  • diarrhea
  • on blood sugar levels
  • swelling

In conclusion, dear readers, as you could read dried plums, they bring significant health benefits, but do not forget that abuse can be dangerous.

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Prunes are a very nutritious food, also ideal to combat the loss of bone mass