Soft Feet With Milk And Baking Soda

By Wiki Healthier Staff

Even if you only apply this medication three times a week, for best results it is best to use it every day. Even if your feet are already soft, you can use it as a preventative method. SCCE We know well that they are the support of our body, nor do we always remember that your feet often come into contact with dust, dirt and other environmental factors, which damage the skin that protects them.

The problem is little by little, losing its natural hydration and being hit by hardons, calluses and fungus that ruin its appearance. For this reason, we often feel the need to invest in expensive pedicure products and professional treatments that help keep them healthy.

Despite this, there are 100% natural solutions that allow us to take care of them at home and without having to spend a capital. That is why today we are going to talk about an interesting treatment based on milk and baking soda whose exfoliating action removes dead skin and makes the feet smooth.

All its benefits and a simple recipe to prepare this are explained in detail here. What if I tried this?

What are the benefits of this treatment for your feet?

This natural remedy, to improve your health and appearance, joins the property of milk with astringent and the power of antiseptic sodium bicarbonate.

These two ingredients are 100% natural and can be purchased cheaply at any store or supermarket.

1. Benefits of milk

Milk is an ingredient of essential fat, protein and vitamins that help repair damaged skin, combat dryness and other changes.

Its most important active ingredient, lactic acid, adjusts the natural pH of the skin, improving its absorption capacity and modifying the environment that fungi need to proliferate.

It contains up to 30% of the proteins required for the production of collagen and elastin, two essential compounds for good skin health.

Using skin care milk, you will be able to reduce the roughness to take care of the cuticles and create a protective layer to avoid infections. We must also emphasize that it has cleansing properties that favor the elimination of dead skin and blemishes. The result? Soft and healthy feet.

2. Benefits of baking soda

This white powder is one of the best natural remedies if you want to soften the hard skin on your feet and remove calluses. Thanks to its antibiotic and antifungal properties, it is capable of eliminating mushrooms from both skin and nails.

In addition, its exfoliating action removes dead cells and gives soft feet a new look, making them appear cleaner and more beautiful.

How to prepare this gentle and well-care treatment?

Now that you know all the benefits of this interesting treat, it’s time to take note of the recipe to prepare yourself on the right track.

In general, we recommend that you apply it three times a week, but if you have very dry skin or calls, it is better to use it every day until you see satisfactory results.


  • 3 cups of milk (750 ml)
  • 3 tablespoons of baking soda (30 gr)


    First of all, you need to heat your cups of milk until it reaches a bearable temperature for your feet. Once it is reached, pour into a large container and submerge your feet to 1.

  • so add baking soda and massage light.
  • If you think I need this, you can even rub your feet with a pumice stone to make callus removal easier.
  • Let your feet soak through other cinches and then remove any traces of milk with a damp cloth.
  • At this point, take a clean towel and make sure you wipe your feet well.
  • advises you to achieve this night treatment, to have perfect feet the next day.
  • As all steps are completed, apply a small amount of petroleum jelly, for a better moisturizing effect.

For best results…

  • repeat this treatment several times a week, even if you don’t have fairways or similar problems.
  • If the skin wears it, check your shoes and make sure they are comfortable and well ventilated. Shoes very firmly cause the beginning of foot stains.
  • Pour a little corn starch in your closed shoes, so it can absorb all the moisture and remove the mushrooms.
  • Remember to pay primary attention to your nails, as care is essential to prevent fungal infections.

Do you always have your feet covered by calluses and imperfections? Add this treatment to your daily beauty routine and you’ll find you can improve your appearance in no time!

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