Simple Tricks To Learn To Control Anger

By Wiki Healthier Staff

Knowing where our anger is coming from can help us prevent it through meditation techniques or, if possible, avoiding the trigger.

Known by various names such as anger, fury, or anger, anger is a feeling that invades us in different situations of our life and that many of us find it difficult to verify. This can cause serious problems for us and the people around us.

Almost all of us experience this unpleasant and exasperating feeling, but today we will learn a series of tricks that will allow us to control it. /p>

What is anger?

Anger is the union of different negative feelings, such as indignation, annoyance, frustration and other factors that, in one way or another, are linked to violence.

It is a common behavior in all human beings and, although in some cases it is necessary to get angry, the important thing is to know how to control it. When we don’t know how to control anger, this can lead to depression, hypertension, and passive aggressive behavior.

Are there people who get more angry than others?

Yes, they are people who get angry more than others, or who do it easier and more intensely. There are those who get angry, but do not show it.

Individuals who get angry are people with low tolerance. They find it difficult to manage unfair or difficult situations because they believe that they do not depend on them.

There are people who are angry, both due to genetic factors or because they have not learned to behave in certain situations. For example, in the case of the genetic factor, children are easily irritated from birth, whether due to hunger, sleep or an annoying environment for them.

In other cases, there are people for whom certain values ​​have not been taught, how to strive for something; Consequently, when they can’t, they are easily irritated.

Why does a fit of anger occur?

1. For frustration

An event or a situation that interferes with the achievement or the achievement of some objectives reaches the individual’s thought as a blocking signal of what he wants. So it can be transformed into anger.

We can feel angry when there is unfair treatment, rights are violated or social law is transgressed, since we are social beings.

Anger can also appear when we do not receive a reward after an action.

2. Adverse scenarios

The experiences of physical and even sentimental pain are causal and determining factors in the development of anger.

Do not feel understood, a love break without explanation or betrayal because this feeling.

Tips for Checking Anger or Anger

1. Relaxation and breathing techniques

Relaxation is one of the ways to control anger. This is obtained by breathing deeply, trying to meditate for a period of DIEC, showing scenarios or situations that are positive for your mind.

We constantly do this, a link with our inner world will be created. Therefore, our attitude will be irregular, despite the circumstances.

2. Positive thoughts and attitudes

By thinking differently, which brings positive situations to mind, you reach a state of calm and have fewer regrets. When we are angry, we can act irrationally and cause damage to those we love.

3. Listen closely and emotionally mature.

When we are angry, we cannot solve problems. Ideally, we should focus on finding ways to resolve them instead of acting angry.

In moments of discussion, we must have time to listen to the other person and also think about our responses. Maturity will encourage us to avoid conflict, especially with toxic people, regardless of how much we love them.

4. Express emotions calmly

If we want to say something delicate, it is better to wait for the right moment. We could ask ourselves: what do I say? Is it to solve the problem or do I just want to hurt the other?

We must slow down, because in these circumstances we could give wrong answers that make things worse.

5. Don’t be offended and ignore lies.

Always remember that by staying calm, seeking your inner peace and feeling capable of dealing with situations, you can easily manage these emotions which can cause many problems.

One of the best ways to control anger is not to take offense. A message offends us only when we understand it. After all, anger hurts us, not the other.

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