Silent pneumonia, one of the traps of coronavirus

By Wiki Healthier Staff

Silent pneumonia is only identified by measuring blood oxygen saturation or breast X-ray.

Coronavirus has a series of such flashes that it is often difficult to identify. One of these manifestations is silent pneumonia.

It was verified that it is possible to be infected, without showing, among the symptoms, shortness of breath. This despite the body to move away less oxygen. It is a risky situation because it makes it more difficult to identify the disease.

The new Coronavirus is a challenge for researchers and doctors, a virus from which new developments are continually emerging. One is silent pneumonia.

Coronavirus infection, what is it?

Coronavirus, in fact, is a family of viruses. The new Coronavirus made its appearance in December 2022 in the city of Wuhan and is the result of a mutation with many strangers.

it spreads through respiratory droplets expelled through coughing, sneezing, or simple speech. These droplets can put people nearby or remain on the surface of objects for a certain amount of time. The main problem is represented by high contagion.

Many people exceed the disease in a completely asymptomatic way, but mortality is very high in the elderly or inmundersés.

What is silent pneumonia?

Silent pneumonia is currently considered one of the biggest problems related to the coronavirus. Many infected people, in fact, do not show respiratory disorders despite having pneumonia and a very low level of oxygen in the blood.

Normally low oxygen levels and the need to be intubated means entering respiratory shock. In other words, in such a situation, breathing becomes difficult and the body acts its own defense mechanisms.

With silent pneumonia, instead, this does not occur. In Codogno, but also in New York and in Brazil there were a lot of patients with silent pneumonia who were apparently good. Pneumonia is discovered randomly through chest x-ray or oxygen measurement. This type of coronavirus hypoxia, which progresses unnoticed, is causing many sudden deaths.

How to explain?

The mechanism of silent pneumonia is still not completely clear. The hypothesis is that the coronavirus attacks lung cells leaving the lungs able to expel carbon dioxide, but not to obtain oxygen.

it is the high concentrations of carbon dioxide to make the brain perceive this “lack of air”. But if the carbon dioxide is expelled relatively normally, the brain doesn’t receive that signal.

Another hypothesis is based on individual tolerance to blood oxygen levels. This means that some people do not detect low oxygen saturation until it is much smaller than the norm.

Finally, we think that it can be explained by the ability of the virus to cause thrombosis. In one way or another, it is important to keep this aspect of the disease in mind.

In case of suspected contagion, it is advisable to measure oxygen saturation and perform a chest X-ray. This, especially if the person came into contact with a COVID-19 patient or falls into the at-risk categories.

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