Scagliola Milk To Purify The Body And Lose Weight

By Wiki Healthier Staff

The enzymes present in Scagliola allow us to burn excess fat, in addition to promoting the absorption of nutrients and avoiding the accumulation of excess fluids.

Scagliola is a seed known almost exclusively as bird food. However, you go into herbal medicine, you may find that there is Scagliola milk to biscuits, bread snacks based on this natural ingredient.

Scagliola has great nutritional power and helps us prevent obesity. Thanks to their natural enzymes, they speed up metabolism, in order to burn fat faster. For all these reasons, we want to talk to you in particular about Scagliola milk.

We all know that miracle diets do not exist and to lose weight in a healthy way, you have to do your part. Following a healthy diet and consuming the Scagliola-based vegetable drink in the day, it will be possible to obtain good results in three weeks.

What if it’s about the intent?

Scagliola To lose weight

There are many people who look at Scagliola seeds with a skeptical look: How can I eat something that feeds birds? Well, it is worth taking this information instead of saying “no” a priori to this natural and healthy option.

  • Scagliola is part of the Graminacea family and is one of the most nutrient-dense seeds out there.
  • it contains a high level of protein, which makes a very healthy vegetable option.
  • Amino acids are stable and, unlike those present in meat, they are well assimilated from the body and do not leave toxic residues. scagliola seeds
  • contain 11.8% of the fibers; Therefore, it promotes proper digestion and intestinal traffic.

  • The enzymes in Scagliola help the liver and pancreas to regenerate. Thanks to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory power, its basic functions will be optimized.
  • Properties of SNAGLIOLA Favoring Loss of body fat

    Escagliola contains an enzyme called lipase, capable of dissolving accumulated fat in our body. It is deposited in our gastric juices, favoring the correct decomposition and the correct absorption of nutrients, and then working on fatty acids.

    In addition to eliminating excess fat, its main benefit is separating fat from acidic foods, clearer digestion and avoiding classic water retention. All great advantages for our health!

    Scagliola seeds trigger other secondary processes that promote weight loss:

    • Lower blood glucose levels.
    • Adjust cholesterol levels.
    • helps to treat fatty liver.
    • Make the essential enzymes for the kidneys optimize the operation and eliminate excess fluids.
    • reduces hypertension.
    • Lipase also helps keep arteries very flexible, free of fatty deposits.

    What is the Scagliola diet?

    More than a Scagliola diet, you should talk about healthy eating. These seeds improve our overall health thanks to their plant enzymes. So why not include them in our diet?

    Ideal would consume EscaGliola milk. It is healthier because it does not contain the bark (rich in silica) and the seeds are present in their pure state. Drink a glass for breakfast and then another before the two main meals.

    The recommended doses are approximately 25 grams per day. Do not forget to follow a low, balanced and varied diet, accompanying everything with exercise.

    How to prepare Scagliola milk


    • 25 grams of scagliola powder
    • 3 cups of water (600 ml)


    First of all, it must be a scagliola powder suitable for human consumption, available from herbalists. The seeds are chopped and shelled, we will only have the most nutritious part of the Scagliola.

    The preparation is very simple and fast, for this reason, it can be an ideal breakfast option.

    Just mix 25 grams of Scagliola along with three glasses of water until the water turns fusible and a slight brownish hue. The taste is very pleasant: a mix of walnut and pistachio that will win you over.

    Don’t forget the other 2 glass of Bern before lunch and another 2 before dinner. If you follow a proper diet, in 3 weeks you will feel lighter and also lose a size.

    experience! It is an economical and healthy option that always offers good results. Only 25 grams per day and your health and your line will perceive.

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