Salt Treatments For Our Skin

By Wiki Healthier Staff

Be careful when applying salt treatments to the face: if this product gets in the eyes, it can irritate the eyes and cause problems. Did you know that you can use salt to do beauty treatments? You will be surprised to discover the variety of uses and benefits of this mineral and how many of them can be incorporated into your routine.

It certainly does not always enjoy a good reputation, but it hides a wide range of precious pearls useful for health. In this article, we want to present what salt treatments can do for you.

Beauty treatments in salt: property

As mentioned above, salt has a wide range of uses to improve our appearance, particularly our skin. Here are all its uses:


After taking your bath and while your skin is still damp, spread some salt on your hands and then gently rub it on your arms and legs. The salt massage will help you remove dead skin cells and improve blood circulation.


You can also try the following treatment to reduce the effects of oily skin. Put warm water in a diffuser bottle (two pieces of cold water for one hot water) and add a tablespoon of salt to the mixture.

Make sure it’s not too hot and sprinkle on your face, avoiding going in the eye. After drying completely with a clean towel.

swollen eyes

Salt treatments don’t forget this: In a container, mix a teaspoon of sea salt with hot water. Then, soak remover diskettes in water and apply to eyes at least 1. Do not open eyes to avoid irritation. Complete the process, which increases with cold water.

standing tub

After a long day at work, you usually end up with very tired feet. Salt can be the solution to this fatigue and pain in the jumps. You only need hot water and three or four tablespoons of salt; Look at your feet in the water and leave them in the bath until the temperature is more to your liking.

Antireforfé treatment

SAL is also a good product to fight and eliminate dirt, grease and dandruff. To achieve this treatment, we recommend that you check your scalp to ensure that it is free of scars.

Bring a shaker containing sea salt in the bathroom and before shampooing, spread some salt on it and massage with extreme delicacy. Try to make this massage really delicate so that the salty grains do not cause small wounds that could be difficult to bear.

remove lacquer

Sal can help you even on days when you notice that there is too much hairspray in your hair at night. Stir one quart of water, one cup of lemon juice, and one cup of EPSOM salt.

You must prepare this mixture at least a day in advance because you have to let it sit for 24 hours; Pour the mixture on your hair (completely dry), leave it to act for 2. Finally, wash as usual.

Something more “sophisticated”

salt whiskey therapy

This salt treatment is prepared with sea salt, whiskey, coconut and palm oil and wheat; Gives a healthy skin tone and helps keep your hair healthy and soft. It is especially ideal for men, although it can also be used by women.

salt therapy

This treatment is prepared with mountain salt, sparkling wine, coconut and palm oil; It can be strengthened with a natural aroma of cedar that stimulates blood circulation, the disappearance of cellulite problems and water retention. In addition, it is good for skin tissues, preventing aging and restoring them.

Salt wine therapy

It acts as an excellent antioxidant and, as a gas therapy, it is very suitable to prevent aging. In addition, it favors the restoration of tissues and the strengthening of the cardiovascular system. This salt-based treatment contains mountain salt, red wine, and solid coconut and palm oil.

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