Recycle Old Shoes: 6 Incredible Ideas

By Wiki Healthier Staff

We present 6 very creative ideas to recycle old shoes. Recycling of obsolete objects can also achieve this. Try us! Recycling old shoes is a trend in the world of decoration. Boots, boots, sandals… even these objects, you can give a new life. You will be surprised to find out how many possibilities are hidden.

Over time, the shoes that are not worn anymore accumulate in various corners of the house. The perfect complement, they happen to be an annoying object. Have you ever thought of recycling old shoes? Try these cool ideas to reuse still trendy shoes.

It probably happens to you to keep an old pair of shoes thinking about wearing them again at another time. However, time passes and his shoes inevitably end up in the trash. We propose to give them a second chance: don’t play them, recycle them.

Did you know how recycling old shoes can make you know a deed? No matter the type of footwear: sneakers, jump shoes or ankle boots are excellent for being transformed into new objects.

recycle old shoes

Ready to vent your creativity? Start with these very original ideas.

A boot house with boots

Nowadays it is very common to insert everyday objects in unexpected environments. It is precisely what happens with the boots transformed into the country house or feeder for the birds.

Here’s how to do it: Fix a boot to a garden tree trunk and carry it with birds, fruit, or seeds. It will be a meeting point for many birds attracted by food.

Another option is to use vintage boots like a hut hanging from a tree or stick. To make it more stable, you can reinforce it with a wooden frame.

a garden seeder

Here is another very simple way to recycle old shoes. Suitable for large or small spaces, the planter with recycled material expresses all our creativity.

Create your own planter with a pair of unused shoes or boots is very simple. Fill the shoes with the soil and plan the flower or plant of your choice. Try medicinal or aromatic plants – you will have a little home medicine at home.

Decorative elements

Recycling old shoes can elevate uncharted items to a higher level. Like? Creating small works of art. The change functionality for decoration and makeup are done.

For example, you can decorate an old pair of boots with bright colors. Or create a good character with an open shoe. Think about having a painter’s screen.

Decorate a stool with a pair of boots

it is precisely a pair of boots for the leg of a stool. The ideal would be a good pair of cow boots. In this way, you will create a curious combination. Feces can go for a walk at any time!

Use the jumps to support the books

as a reading or rest book, use shoe jumps, as a piece of furniture is a very original form of recycling. Plus, it’s cheap and easy to do.

If your heels are ruined, try passing a painting. With vivid color, you’ll get incredible results.

The shoes or boots processed in lamps

possibilities to recycle old shoes are varied and interesting. In this case, we propose to make a lamp with a pair of disused shoes.

it’s very simple: make a hole in the shoe or boot and place the lamp holder. Finally, drill the holes so that the light spreads out evenly.

Date new life to your old shoes

Got to this point, try to answer this question. Are you sure you want to play out of that old pair of boots that I haven’t worn for years for years? Wouldn’t you like to contribute more to environmental protection recycling?

It is true that before reaching this point, there is also the possibility of adjusting or donating them. But before removing them completely, he believes that there are several ways to collect his life.

With what you yourself and little imagination techniques you can create amazing and very useful objects. With just a few simple recycled objects, you will receive truly amazing results.