Radiant Face: Tips And Masks

By Wiki Healthier Staff

Taking care of your face daily will help you stay hard and hydrated. If, on the contrary, we did not care about them, they could deteriorate irreversibly. Here are some habits so that you can show a glowing face.

Whether for a special occasion or for everyday life, any woman likes to look elegant, young and fresh. Everyone longs for a radiant face, but generally thinks it’s a difficult goal to achieve. Well, it’s not.

The key to having healthy and fresh skin lies in taking care of it daily, both using a mask and simple tricks, such as washing your face every day. Remember that to dedicate any day every day to the health of your skin will be what will determine the norms and hydration.

If you suffer from acne, pimples or simply have dull skin, today we will explain the steps to follow to have a visionary face every day.

radiant face every day

Having healthy and radiant skin at any time requires daily care that helps keep it well hydrated, glowing and fresh.

Even if face masks and exfoliators are helpful, they are not the only methods we can use. Doing a good beauty routine will guarantee a healthy and smooth face.

Follow these steps and you get a face 10 and praise…


In general, you are, it gives little importance, but it is essential if you want to show a cool skin.

It is necessary to apply a sunscreen every day or, in the case of women, foundations or creams that have a protection factor greater than 50 SPF to protect against UV rays from the sun.

Remember that too much sun tends to stain the skin and cause wrinkles, so protecting it from this is essential.


Exfoliation is absolutely necessary to remove dead cells and all impurities due to contact with the external environment.

We recommend creating once or twice a week to keep your face clean and hydrated.


Whether hectic or not, it is essential to use a gel, micellar cream or water to cleanse the face every night before going to sleep. Going to bed with a face full of impurities or makeup will ensure that these elements penetrate the pores of the face that clog them. As a result, expression lines or premature wrinkles will appear.


It is advisable to do it every night after cleaning. Apply from creams that contain vitamin C, as it is important to bring an extra glow to the face.

For people with little soda skin, you should opt for creams or serums that contain retinol, an ideal component to repair collagen leaks due to sun exposure.

suitable power supply

Potency is a critical part of skin health. For a radiant face, it is important to consume foods rich in collagen that help regenerate the skin:

  • Red fruits
  • lean meat
  • fish
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  • Vitamin C Rich Oranges, lemons and citrus fruits


As you notice, collagen is responsible for a radiant face and therefore it is very important for you to include it in our diet. Alternatively, supplements can be used to help us assimilate it.

You can find them in the pharmacy in the form of tablets, powder and even with vitamin C. Remember that collagen is not only necessary to have a face, but also helps to improve joints and arthritis.

Treatments, if necessary

People with collagen deficiency can opt for an aesthetic alternative, such as injections based on such an article to fill certain areas.

Mask To get a radiant face at any time

To provide extra help for our daily beauty routine, you can use these masks before an important event to give your face more glow and freshness.


avocado mask

This fruit contains many good fats and folic acid essential for soda soft and hydrated skin.


  • 1 avocado
  • The juice of 1 lemon


  1. mash the avocado by hand and add the lemon juice to form a dough.
  2. apply to T or all over the face if you prefer and leave the mask to act for approximately 2. rinse it off with TEPIDA water.


Ideal to improve facial elasticity and hydrate thanks to banana.


  • 2 tablespoons of honey (25 g)
  • 1 banana


  1. smash the banana and add honey to get a compact mixture.
  2. apply it on the face in circular motions and let sit for about 2.