Purify the Air at Home: Product Tricks

By Wiki Healthier Staff

By removing pollutants and molds, we can purify the air at home and enjoy better health.

Breathing is synonymous with life and well-being, but pollution makes it necessary to purify the air in your home frequently.

If you want to breathe pure and polluting fresh air, follow our advice to purify the air at home and eliminate bacteria.

Air quality and health

Feeling good and facilitating affects our sense of well-being. This feeling depends on the place where we spend our time, where we realize our social and family activities.

Clean air breathing is essential for our health. However, the air around us is not always clean. There are more contaminated places than others. To purify the air and eliminate bacteria, there is no better solution than our home.

The house, in fact, is the place par excellence of our well-being, comfort and security. Persistent headache, burning throat, frequent coughing and sneezing can be warning signs of poor air quality.

When these symptoms appear, we must seek solutions to eliminate external factors if we compromise our physical and mental well-being.

Dust particles, smoke, pollen, mites, bacteria and molds depend on moisture to proliferate in the air. These are the main managers of many allergic processes and respiratory diseases, such as pneumonia or asthma.

We are possessors can be carriers of many allergenic particles, taking them to hair, clothing or skin. Also, there are some chemicals that we usually use at home that can trigger these diseases. For example, paint, repellents, some cleaning products, bite, etc.

Our well-being and that of our loved ones should not be taken lightly. We learn how to purify the air at home and free it from bacteria with some simple tricks.

Tricks to purify the air at home


The early hours of the morning are perfect for opening the windows. The pure air and the breeze purify the air in a natural way, oxygenating the rooms.

A closed house without ventilation is the perfect environment for the proliferation of bacteria and molds. With the windows closed, bad odors accumulate.

If you have air conditioning, don’t let it run all day. When the temperature drops, open the windows and let the air in.

Avoid using polluting products

It is important to know which substances it is best to avoid at home. It will even look strange, some commonly used substances put our health at risk and pollute the air at home.

We see some examples, for which you can not think:

  • deodorants for environments and scented candles. It releases synthetic substances, which emit carbon dioxide. One of its prolonged use can even help lower the ozone layer.
  • Sofas, blankets, carpets and some pets are real stores of particles and other contaminants. They act as carriers of volatile substances, hair and feathers, which encourage the appearance of allergies.

Household cleaning products are particularly dangerous for the respiratory tract. Its chemical composition, rich in formaldehyde, ammonia and trichlorethylene, was defined as dangerous than for health. These volatile and harmful substances can settle in our lungs.

internal plants

Some plants can help us remove pollutants from our homes. Among these, there are very common varieties:

  • Spatifillo, peace lily and chrysanthemums are particularly useful for purifying the airfield of formaldehyde.
  • The mother tongue, also called the sword of San Giorgio or Tiger Tongue, has the advantage of removing benzene, trichlorethylene and xylene particles. These compounds are used in stain meters and some dyes.
  • Bamboo helps purify ammonia and xylene air. These elements are commonly used in the manufacture of fertilizers and some cleaning and refrigeration products.

You must choose an ecological alternative to these products and create a natural space in our homes. It is also essential to decrease the use of these pollutants.

Avoid the appearance of mold and humidity

Temperature changes and the use of heating and air conditioning are factors that prepare the house for the appearance of humidity.

If you live in an area with a climate that often changes, you should install dehumidifiers that prevent moisture buildup and consequently the appearance of mold.

A good way to prevent the appearance of mold by keeping the house, including the walls, clean with plenty of liquid soap and water.

It is your right and duty to keep the house clean, obtaining a calm and disease-free environment. Choose simple and ecological alternatives to purify the air at home and rid it of bacteria.

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