Provide The Office And Improve Productivity

By Wiki Healthier Staff

Providing the office is not a waste of time. On the contrary, it can increase productivity and improve mood. Find out how in this article.

The ideal is to provide the office that feels comfortable in the environment where most of the day is spent. If it is a small or large environment, the most important should be ordered. In this way, the furniture will jump out at you and be a source of pride.

In addition to maintaining order and cleanliness, the right furniture that guarantees brightness and creativity will be positive for mental and physical health. Don’t hesitate to give your office a new look! Let’s start.

Does the office offer increase productivity?

Think of how it would feel to have to work at a table littered with paper and pens anywhere or relegated to an angle free of lighting. You probably wouldn’t like it.

Disorder and an inappropriate arrangement of furniture can have a negative influence on our mood, just as order and the right furniture can increase productivity and make us feel better. In this regard, a key role is performed by natural light.

Another aspect to consider is odors. Aromatherapy teaches us that some essences such as cinnamon reduce fatigue and stress; Roses, on the other hand, fight against sadness and citrus fruits, such as bergamot, to instill a sense of calm.

Tips to provide the Office

Here are some tips to furnish the office in a way that will add a touch of elegance to the work area and make it more welcoming. This will motivate you to work every day.

1. Paint the walls a light color

Painting office walls with light colors like white or beige makes the space brighter. According to some studies, in addition, other colors affect creativity and productivity while working.

orange, for example, is a color linked to creativity, success and motivation. So it would be a great idea to paint one of the walls in this color.

On the other hand, even blue, purple and gray symbolize success. You won’t have to use them for the walls, but they are very beautiful for decorative and furniture accessories.

2. Motivational phrases

This plate is applied depending on the type of work. It is very elegant in creative offices, such as advertising agencies or press offices, for example.

If you want to take refuge in reading, choose a phrase from your favorite book and paint on one of the walls. You can also use Vinis Stickers.

If this is not allowed on your desktop, you can always use a frame with a motivational phrase of your choice. The idea is to read every day and let yourself be inspired!

3. The importance of natural light

As it could not otherwise be, natural light offers great health benefits. Several studies confirm that exposure to natural light can prevent neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s disease.

Clinical trials done on guinea pigs showed that this type of lighting improves cognitive functions and increases performance, as it has a positive impact on the hippocampus.

At the same time, a survey showed that natural light, especially in the morning hours, reduces symptoms of mental illness by stimulating serotonin production and improving vitamin D synthesis.

4. Choose a practical and functional table

The table is very important. If you like to have so much space, the ideal is to opt for a table that is longer than it is wide; This way, it will take up less space.

On the other hand, if the office is small and the cabinet has vertical drawers, you can use them to store your work items.

Another tip If the work environment is too small, you can buy a folding table. This way you will get space at the end of the work day, especially if you work from home.

5. Folding chairs to provide the office

Today you can find various accessories that can make a folding chair very convenient for work. At the end of the day, it allows you to gain a little more space without sacrificing comfort.

Another advantage is that you can buy a color and a color that goes beyond the stereotype of the office chair. But remember: the most important thing is comfort.

6. Shelves to keep everything in order

Shelves are a multi-faceted decorative feature. If you have a lot of documents, folders or work items, this is the ideal option to keep everything in order, but with style.

There are those who prefer verticals with many divisions. This way it will be easy to assign a space to any type of element and it will be faster to find things without having to delete everything.

7. Vertical organizers

When you need to store important documents and folders, vertical organizers are the best because they save space and organize important documents very well. The best place for these types of decorative features are usually the corners.

8. Always add a personal touch to furnishing the office

The last of the tips for decorating the office is the most important. As we said, it is in this space, we spend most of our time.

So why not let him customize it how he prefers? Put a nice frame with the photo of your family or your pets. Bring your pen, put a juicy juicy or a very juicy cactus… et voila!

How about these tips for furnishing the office?

How to follow these tips to provide to the office? In addition to fashion aesthetics and canons, supplying the working environment, it properly affects health, productivity and mood. What do you expect then?

The important thing is that your office is a space where you go about your work tasks with enthusiasm and joy. Certainly, the accessories and everything in it should inspire you to spend working hours in a more relaxed and enjoyable way.

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