Plug Calcaneare: Symptoms And Treatment Of The Disorder

By Wiki Healthier Staff

You have to bring patience and follow some proper tips to get fully contacted. Later, we will explain how to deal with the calcanal plug.

Have you already supported a plug with markers? It is a very common condition caused by very little bone formation in the heel. It causes pain and prevents the performance of daily activities.

You have to bring patience and follow some appropriate tips to be able to fully take it. Later, let’s explain how to manage the Calcaneus plug.

Why does he suffer from the so-called calcanic plug?

As traumatologists say, generally one person in four suffers, that is, everyone has a high probability of suffering from calcanic connection at any given time. It occurs due to the appearance of a small bone tone on the heel.

Why does it appear? In practice, it is more commonly due to age, although it is also common among young people who spend a lot of time. Even the chili could also be a factor to consider.

Other data to consider and that it is common among people who have Achillepoco’s elastic tendon, not to avoid this. Depending on the anatomy and characteristics of your feet, you may have a greater or lesser risk of suffering from the annoying calcium plug.

What symptoms does the calcanic plug have?

  • The plug on the calcane causes a sharp pain whose intensity depends on the effort made.
  • The pain is strongest in the morning, especially when you first rest your heel on the floor. Standing with how many hours, the first step is quite painful. The pain
  • It is located at a specific point on the heel and you can identify it very well.
  • Another aspect to take into account is that due to the pressure exerted by footwear on this Amade bone, it is very common for the area to be reddish and inflamed. The pain is very strong.

Proper exercises to help resolve the socket of Calcaneus

1. Land towel exercise

In addition to the advice that the doctor will give and the traumatologist would indicate Carry out the following exercises. These three exercises are very suitable to help treat the calcanous socket, but you have to do them carefully and avoid overloading the foot.

This exercise is very simple: sit on a chair or on the sofa without losing your balance. Spread a ground towel in front of you and try to grasp it with your toes. These simple movements will help you regain mobility and relieve Calccanoso’s plug. Do about three times a day.

2. Small stretches

it’s very simple: so you can see in the picture that you don’t need to do is lean on the edge of the table and push. In this way, one leg remains bent and the other creates a slight stretch in the heel area. Do this exercise for at least twice a day. Here is something light and in everything tiring.

3. Roll a water bottle

This is another simple and relaxing exercise. It would be appropriate to fill a bottle with water and place it in the freezer to solidify. Once frozen, place it on the ground on a towel.

Now rest on the foot where you have the calcane plug and roll the bottle under the foot plan. It’s a repetitive motion that should last at least. Do three times a day.

As you can see, this type of exercise based on simple stretches is very effective. The night can use suitable fuels to treat the calcanic plug.

I’m a bandage guy you can find at the drugstore. With time, you will feel better, although you already know that in many cases, you need surgery to solve the problem. So be patient and take care. Haven’t tried them yet? In what…