Perfect Manicure: 12 Quick Tricks

By Wiki Healthier Staff

You can have beautiful and manicured nails without having to go to the beauty salon. Just follow some tips and be creative to get a perfect result

A perfect manicure is an important aspect of your beauty routine, it’s a bit like a business card. For women, then, long but strong nails and decorated in different ways, complete the style and allow you to glimpse part of the personality.

Perfect manicure without going to the beauty salon? Yes!

That often, if we want a perfect manicure, we need professional help and some of us have no idea how to take care of our nails.

Of course, the treatments cost, especially since, to have impeccable nails, they must be done constantly. Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks that will help you keep them legal without breaking a sweat.

Today we want to share with you 12 tips to make manicure easier. What about taking notes?

How to do a perfect manicure

1. Clean your nails before manicure

In order for the polish to adhere to the nails, it is essential to clean them well, before applying it to remove any dirt or dust.

Put them on when soaked in warm water and use some exfoliating soap for cuticles.

2. Use white vinegar

If you apply a coat of white vinegar to your nails before you remove the polish, you can make it last longer.

3. Enjoy Vasélico

one of the most irritating aspects, when we put the polish from the sun, is almost always, we finish the fingers.

To prevent the polish to bond to the leather, before putting it on, you can apply a liberal amount of Vaselinastorno nails, which helps you with a FIOP cotton.

4. Spread a base of white enamel

No matter what color you want to apply, we advise you to always start with a coat of white polish, which will make colorful polishes much brighter.

5. Use a rubber band

by attaching an elastic nail, you will be able to make the French manicure much easier and more precisely.

6. Help with the tape

If you want to decorate your nails with a two-tone design, you can use a piece of duct tape. Applied to the nails, this will help you be more precise. After that, spend the color you prefer and wait for it to dry. You will see what results!

7. Prepare your custom color polishes

If you have finished polish colors, but still have transparent bases, you can take shadows, grid them until you get a powder and with a spoon, mix them with glaze.

The colors you get are very interesting because they are usually brighter and have a really special finish.

8. Mix the polishes in a glass of water

It seems like an absurd idea, but mixing different nail polishes in a glass of water can be useful to obtain a particular and very interesting design.

To decorate your nails in this way, cover your fingers with tape to protect your skin. Then dip them into the glass of water where you dissolved the glazes.

Continue one finger at a time, if you want all the nails to be perfect. Let them absorb for a few seconds and then remove the excess polish.

9. Perfect and original manicure thanks to the mesh sponge

For a quick and fun design, you can cut a piece of fabric from a net sponge, place it as a template on the nail, and apply the color polish of your choice.

10. Classic Polka Dot Design

The polka dot design never goes out of style and is the fastest and most fun way to give your nails a different look.

In order to achieve this easily and quickly, you can cover your nails with a patch, go over the nail polish of a color that stands out well from the base and wait for it to dry.

An alternative is to use a clothing locker or hair clip. Dip in the glaze and draw one dot at a time.

11. How to drip polish fast

If you don’t want the polish to be ruined because it doesn’t dry quickly, you can fill a bowl with cold water and ice cubes.

After that, soak your nails for a few minutes. The cold allows the enamel to dry faster.

12. Avoid using the hair dryer or fan

One of the most common mistakes is exposing fresh polish to air or the air dryer.

Quest ‘habit not only causes smearing in the polish, but makes the colors more opaque when dry.

As you can see, there are practical ways to simplify your manicure and avoid going to a professional.

From now on, follow these tips and you will see that you will be able to maintain perfect nails without anyone’s help.

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