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How can you have perfect legs?

You would like to wear skirts, but you do not dare to do this? Would you like to show a beautiful bikini, but you don’t like legs? Do you think it is impossible to remove cellulite, stretch marks, bruises or obvious capillaries?

Would you like the skin tone of your legs to be more even? Don’t you like your knees? Continue reading this article to find out what you need to do to have perfect legs.

Undoubtedly, in today’s society, the legs are a very precious aesthetic element. Don’t be discouraged if you think your legs will never be beautiful like the models or actresses on TV. To improve the health of the legs and make them much more beautiful, it is enough to adopt a few healthy habits.

perfect leg tips

More attention

Are you one of those people who pick up against all the furniture or fall on the floor if they are not careful? Do you have very light skin on which the smallest bruises are noticeable? Start doing a little more than paying attention when you call home, go to work, or walk down the street.

Don’t wear shoes that might slip you, be careful where you put your feet, don’t fix windows, and don’t just focus on what’s in your hand when you walk. In this way, you will avoid bruises, cuts, scars, scratches, etc.


No matter which method you use to remove leg hair, the important thing is that they are not so long to be noticed, especially if they are dark. Be careful how long they take to rule and then remove them.

There is nothing more disgusting than getting a caress and having hair on your legs. Avoid at any cost! Sloping legs are more beautiful, especially in the summer: don’t miss the opportunity to show skirts or shorts without a problem.

Makeup used for legs

You can apply the makeup on the legs, but always paying close attention! There are specialized tricks that give the skin on the legs a more even shade. They can be sprays, creams or lotions.

However, always pay attention to the amount, because sometimes they take several days to disappear. You don’t want your legs to be orange like carrots or have a different shade than the rest of your body. This is a tip to adopt for special occasions only, not to use every day.

Do physical exercise

Even if there are specific programs, the legs work by doing exercises like:

  • hop.
  • walking quickly.
  • walking.
  • Go Cycling.
  • swim.
  • climbing.
  • Lift the weights.
  • dance.

You can establish a program according to your preferences, your needs and the time you have available; You can exercise at home in the park or in the gym.

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Sunbathe to improve your skin color and make sure Those healthy legs aren’t too pale. However, be careful not to get too much UV exposure, which can cause various problems from burns to cancer.

turning the tanned homogeneous shape, that is, it not only places the legs in the sun, while the rest of the body is in the shade. You must also adhere to the recommended times, use sunscreen and lie 1 with a stomach down and then 1 with a belly, to get an even tan.

exfoliated skin skin

There are special sponges that can be used in the shower. In this way, you will eliminate dead cells and ingrown hairs, improve blood circulation and reduce cellulite and stretch marks. Do not take a shower with very hot water. You can use natural exfoliators like coffee or white sugar.

hydrated legs

Once you have taken a shower and before going to sleep (always with very clean legs), it is a good habit to use a moisturizing cream on your legs. During the first applications, you will see how the cream is immediately absorbed by the pores.

This is due to the fact that they need hydration. Also, this habit will help him to have perfect, soft and smooth legs, less “scales” and perfect for showing.

Choose the tunics that flatter your figure

More points and tips listed above, in order to have perfect legs, you must create “an optical illusion” with clothes and shoes. Heels, for example, help your legs look longer. If you are not used to wearing this type of shoes, do a little practice to learn not to stumble and you did not use too many jumps.

Even skirts and shorts can enhance the appearance of the legs. Avoid ankle-length clothing or cuties, because they make ankles appear larger. If you have wide hips, moreover, this type of pants will not make the look worse.

perfect leg exercises

As we have said before, there are specific exercises to improve the appearance of the legs. Here are the most effective.


This exercise is also known as stored. Combine with your feet and legs together and your hands on your hips. Be sure to keep your back straight. Take a step forward with your right foot and bend your left leg, as if you wanted to touch the ground with your knee.

Hold this position for 10 seconds and then return to the original position. Repeat the same exercise 20 times and then go to the left foot. You can also make them alternate.


You can use a step or a small chair if you don’t have the famous “step” used in aerobics classes. Start with the left leg, making sure to get your foot well on the tool.

Lift your right leg forward, bringing your knee into your chest. You can jump to get a more complete movement. Lower your right leg and repeat the same step, this time raising your left leg. Fate 10 repetitions per leg.


This exercise is always included in all gym programs because, in addition to toning the buttocks, it helps to streamline your thighs and get perfect legs. Starting standing up and putting the heels to the width of the shoulder.

After that, bend your knees and lower your back, take the bust, as if you want to touch the floor with your buttocks. Hold the position for a few minutes and return to the original position. This is the basic squat technique.

You can also make the exercise more difficult, for example by reaching your arms forward at shoulder height, holding weights, or jumping while bending your knees.

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