Most Common Digestive Tract Diseases

By Wiki Healthier Staff

Diseases of the digestive system are among the most common disorders in the world. Some also tend to be more frequent. We talk about this in detail in this article.

Some diseases of the digestive system are presented and sung, they were symptoms almost of passengers. We mean a little bit of food poisoning that kicks in over the 24 hour period to go away.

But there are also chronic pathologies such as colon cancer, whose symptoms are obvious only after reaching an advanced stage. Despite progress in the diagnostic field, it remains one of the most widespread neoplasms.

The digestive system appears diversified along its path and involves several organs; From the mouth, with its microenvironment, the small intestine and the attached glands, such as the pancreas, which also perform the hormonal functions that secrete insulin. But what are the most common diseases of the digestive system? Discover this article!

Most common diseases of the digestive system


Gastroenteritis is a fairly common disorder among children. There are almost always infections that contract contact with other children, especially at school.

The main danger at the age of the child is represented by dehydration due to diarrhea. When gastroenteritis continues over time and becomes aggressive, causing profuse vomiting and soft, fluid, and electrolyte stools.

Hydration represents, therefore, the primary treatment in case of gastroenteritis. Parents are educated in the correct administration of fluids for children, so as not to increase their nausea, and the reintegration of salts, particularly sodium and potassium.

In some countries, diarrhea is a major cause of mortality and a public health problem related to poor environmental hygiene. Basic hygiene measures, such as hand washing, represent a powerful barrier against gastroenteritis microorganisms.

2. Gastroesophageal reflux disease

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (MRIGE) is an irritating disorder characterized by increased gastric juices to the esophagus. The patient usually complains of chest pain, burning sensation, lump in the throat and even coughing.

When the hydrochloric acid present in the stomach (the only environment capable of housing it) spills into other organs, it damages. And that is what happens to the esophagus, a structure is not prepared to receive such a level of acidity.

MRGE is frequently associated with gastritis or hiatal hernia. Gastritis is an inflammation of the gastric mucosa, while a hiatal hernia is the movement of a part of the stomach through the diaphragm.

The treatment includes the prescription of antacids and modification of eating habits. The patient will have to reduce the amounts of food eaten and eat every 4 hours.

3. Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are among the most common digestive trigger disease among adults. The veins in the wall of the rectum become inflamed to the point of bleeding.

It is not a coincidence, the most common symptom is the presence of blood in the stool. The inflammation of the veins can also be accompanied by anal itching.

Hemorrhoids are often visible to the naked eye, and this is why the diagnosis is quite quick. When internally, instead, the doctor will perform a rectification or anticoopy, or an examination of an anal canal.

4. Colon cancer

Colon cancer is a serious disease, unfortunately very common. After lung and breast cancer, it is the third most widespread neoplasm in the world. In some countries, it rises to second place if you add the number of men and women with this diagnosis.

Although the peak of incidence is around 70 years, 50 years of risk and predisposition for this disease. Therefore, it is advisable to regularly perform a colonoscopy from that age to detect and remove any polyps before their malignant evolution.

Currently, the therapeutic alternatives for colon cancer are multiple. The effectiveness of the therapeutic action, however, is due to the early diagnosis. For this reason, prevention awareness campaigns are important.

Prevention of the digestive system

Gastroenteritis, gastroesophageal reflux, hemorrhoids and colon cancer are all diseases of the digestive system with a precise therapeutic approach. Science has made as much progress as possible in defining the most appropriate forms of prevention and treatment.

Individual and social responsibility is fundamental in all these cases. Proper hygiene, a healthy diet, timely medical evaluation, and screening are all the tools at our disposal to combat the most common diseases of the digestive system.

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Simple changes in the way of eating and lifestyle can help us to keep the stomach ache and avoid digestive disturbances…


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