Men And Sex: The 7 Most Common Mistakes

By Wiki Healthier Staff

Real sex is not depicted in pornographic movies. To satisfy a woman, therefore, it is better not to take them as a reference model. In fact, each person is a world to yourself, with personal needs and tastes.

Today’s topic is: men and sex! In the sexual sphere, each individual is a world and each couple is equally. If communication is not good, it is easy to make mistakes.

Misinformation can equally make bad jokes under the covers. Men and Sex: Here are the 7 most common mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Believing that all women like the same things

We have just said that each person is a world for what concerns him about sex. For this reason, the first mistake is to follow the stereotypes, I believe that some practices are welcome to all women.

Obviously, it is not so. Despite the myths and convictions, there are things that, like some, but unwanted to others. However, it is not a difficult problem to solve. Just ask, communicate with your partner to understand what he likes and satisfy.

2. Do not treat the clitoris with delicacy

The clitoris is a key point for the female orgasm. Forgetting how to cheer yourself up during sex is one of the most common mistakes.

It is not enough, however, it stimulates the clitoris. It is necessary to encourage you well. Remember, in this sense, that is a member rich in nerve endings. Touched or rubbed abruptly or intensely can even cause pain.

3. Thinking that everything should happen like in a porn movie

in pornographic films, sex is presented somewhat distorted. Cinema is cinema, a product of imagination, fiction. It’s not real life. Therefore, it is not a reliable source if you want to see or learn about real sex.

Not to mention, in general, this type of film offers a direct sexual vision mainly for male satisfaction.

One of the most common mistakes is to believe that the sex you see in movies is ideal sex. Once again you have to talk, decide together if you want to put one of these scenes or positions into practice. Only through good communication can the report satisfy both of you.

4. Men and sex: it is not a race

This bug is definitely the best known. Many men, in fact, consider penetration and orgasm the goal of sex.

It is known, on the other hand, that a sexual relationship becomes really satisfying with the preliminaries, the caresses, the kisses, the hugs: they are as important as the orgasm. Don’t fall then. To devote time and attention to the first and then.

5. Forget it after

If the preliminaries are important, so is the following. A cold or stressed attitude after sex has a negative effect on overall satisfaction.

After orgasm, it is important to continue embracing, kissing, caressing. In other words, the gestures of affection must continue.

6. Men and sex. Ask: “Did you come?”

A woman’s orgasm is different from a man’s. Regardless of sex, however, it is more than orgasm and can offer just as satisfying pleasures. In fact, a sexual relationship in which orgasm has always been achieved that is still sexual intercourse. It doesn’t mean you have failed.

So, with the typical question “Are you coming?” You have two things. First of all, he forced the woman to answer, obviously what you want to hear. Second, he has displayed a fair share of insecurity.

7. Very Prolonged Intercourse

If it goes too fast, it’s a mistake, it’s also too long. Sex never measures quantity, but quality. A study in the United States establishes that the ideal duration of intercourse is between 7 and 1. It is considered very short if it lasts less than, but for a long time, if it exceeds 13.

In any case, sex should have as the couple either. Both should feel satisfied and involved.

These are the most common mistakes among men. The solution always starts from the same idea: communication. Each couple is unique, with their needs and preferences on the subject of sex. Just talking, you can know what satisfies and how to get this result.