Laundry: 10 Tricks To Keep Clothes Looking New

By Wiki Healthier Staff

If we don’t want our leaders to ruin ahead of time, it’s important to take care of the details when we make clothes, avoiding anything that could damage the fabrics.

It is more and more common to buy new clothes that after the laundry, YES RUIN: small holes appear at the bottom of our shirts, the color loses intensity or width.

This forced us to renew our wardrobe more often than we want, which is a problem for our pockets. Today, to solve this problem, we propose some tricks that will help you keep your leaders as new.

1. Wash only what is dirty

Even if it seems like a truity, we tend to put in the laundry basket even clothes that we have just worn and therefore we are still clean. Keep in mind that a dress is washed, more ruins.

2. Attention to the first wash

The first time you wash a dress is very important: it is at this point that you risk damaging the color, elasticity or the fabric with chemicals. that we use it For this reason, it is essential to read the label carefully.

3. Separate white color for laundry

Despite how little time we have to ourselves, we sometimes ignore this traditional practice, we still have to make an effort to follow it because the processes of the products and the washing Require colorful clothes are very different from those necessary for the white laundry.

Whites need different methods to stay as new and keep their fabrics pristine. Colorful clothes, on the other hand, require boosters that prevent you from losing your colors.

4. Don’t overload the washer

So that your wardrobe always looks new, the ideal is to pay attention to the amount of clothes we put in the washing machine because it will also do so. It depends on the amount of detergent and water needed.

If the quantities are incorrect, the washing will not be carried out correctly and will damage the fabrics.

In this sense, it is very important to know how to properly transport the washing machine because otherwise, we will transform this precious ally into a powerful enemy.

5. Cold water laundry

The temperature of the water is very important. Keep in mind that, in general, cold water is used to keep any item in good condition and laundry is no exception: cold water protects and keeps clothes looking like new.

6. Check Collars and Cuffs

Before putting the clothes in the washing machine, check collars and cuffs and apply baking or vinegar on them. In this way, the fat that accumulates in these areas will be easily removed.

Our shirts will be so clean and look like shop.

7. Use natural products

Keeping clothes in the best possible condition is compatible with the eco-sustainability of the washing process. Use natural fabric softeners like white vinegar or apple cider vinegar.

These alternative remedies are extremely advisable because the detergents, bleaches and fabric softeners on the market are very abrasive and damage fabrics.

You only have to think about how the increased use of these products went hand in hand with increased concern for the state of our clothes and their diminished life to realize this.

8. Use a laundry bag

These items are becoming increasingly popular among those who want to keep their wardrobe in excellent condition. The function of these bags is to protect the clothes from the friction that occurs inside the washing machine and its consequences: granules and deformation of the clothes.

9. Close the hinges before doing the laundry.

This is very important because if we leave them open, they could cause damage to other clothing, weaken fabrics, and even tear you.

If we want our clothing sockets to always look new, then we should make sure that we close them well.

10. Check the pockets

Let coins or other objects inside the pockets, they can have a double effect: damaging the clothes and changing the color.

If you follow these tips, you can have new clothes for a long time and, at the same time, you will take care of the environment because, in addition to using ecological products, you will reduce the number of washes and consequently the consumption of water and electricity.

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The white vinegar in the laundry helps to revive the colors of the robes and obtain a pure white. We don’t have to worry about the smell.