Kiss Benefits: Eccone 7 Incredible

By Wiki Healthier Staff

By promoting the dilation of blood vessels, kissing can help reduce blood pressure, as well as relieve headaches and menstrual pain.

Kisses can be different types and through this gesture, we can convey many feelings and emotions. But, regardless of the reason for which we give or receive a kiss, the benefits of kissing our health are truly incredible: we discover them with us in this article!

1. Among the benefits of kissing blood pressure

When passionately kissing or receiving passionate kisses, the heart rate increases and this encourages the dilation of the blood vessels, helping to ensure that the blood reaches the blood. All body organs easier. This allows for a reduction in blood pressure levels, which is a great benefit for those who suffer from hypertension.

2. Kissing reduces menstrual pain and headaches

Experts say that kissing can help you say goodbye to menstrual headaches and cramp pains; This is due to the expansion effect that occurs in the blood vessels thanks to the pleasure of the pleasure produced, giving and receiving kisses.

3. Benefits of kissing to avoid cavities

It is inevitable that during a kiss there will be an exchange of saliva, the production and volume of which increases while they kiss. That is why the tooth piece is removed during a kiss, which is the main cause of the presence of caries.

4. Kisses make you happy

A kiss has the ability to increase the production of hormones that generate feelings of happiness, including dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin. When the levels of these hormones increase, our body produces great pleasure and happiness.

5. Insertable benefits of kissing: burn calories

Kissing is a very nice way to burn excess calories, since for each passionate kiss you can burn eight to sixteen calories.

6 Among the benefits of the kiss, there is an improvement in self-esteem

Giving and receiving more forced kisses up to one hundred percent self-esteem, as it makes them feel loved and desired. This is very important for any person, regardless of age and gender.

7. The kiss is a proof of love

A kiss is the best way to know if our partner is really the person who causes us more emotions than any other: a simple kiss will be enough to make sure that the emotions that the person can trigger within us.

E… What do hugs do?

When we talk about hugs, it must be said that they have benefits beyond those that propose that I kiss. In turn, a hug has the ability to give much more help to those who suffer from high blood pressure, since its action reduces pressure levels with an even greater speed.

In addition, it also encompasses, they have the ability to increase the production of a hormone that frees oxytocin, causing us to cause a strong sense of happiness and pleasure.

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