Is Scratching Your Fingers A Dangerous Habit?

By Wiki Healthier Staff

Skyscrapers Your fingers is a common habit for many people. However, it is necessary to know if it is dangerous and what consequences have this habit.

Scrape your fingers is a very common practice, especially since we do this as a hobby. However, some studies say that finger scratching is dangerous. Obviously there are reasons that led to this conclusion. In this article you will also find what happens when we hear the sound of the Scagrandocchi fingers.

Why fingers scream joints. We need to know that the joints are the point of contact between the bones and are covered by a thick synovial fluid. When a finger is shrugged, extended or bent, the joint separates.

The capsule covering the joint stretches and its volume increases, decreasing the pressure. When this happens, the gases present in the synovial fluid form bubbles. When these bubbles pop, they make that particular noise.

Gas needs 3 dissolve in the synovial fluid. For this reason, once your fingers are better not done with at least 3. There aren’t many scientific studies on the risks of this common habit.

He tried to analyze several people whose fingers used to know if their joints were damaged and suffered from arthritis or arthritis.

What was discovered with these studies is that the fingers were damaged. Meti had soft tissue injuries and decreased strength when holding objects. This appears to be attached to rapidly and continuously pass and contract the ligaments of the joints.

The truth is that he moves better and feels more relaxed after losing his bones. That is why many people repeat this action every day. There are also some people who turn to experts, chiropractors, who ask and place the bones so that tensions do not accumulate.

People who do these treatments say they feel looser and notice less pain and contractions.

Scrape fingers Cause muscular dystrophy

Some academics say that this is the main consequence of finger scratches. However, be careful because they suffer from this problem, especially people who do not engage in physical activity. In fact, this is the only time of day when your muscles and joints are agitated.

Lack of physical activity means that the muscles are weak and therefore we always feel tired. And you get into some kind of vicious circle, in which the fingers are screwed to relax for a few hours, to hear the need again.

We often try to relieve pain or contractions with this movement. But we must also take into account that if it is a sharp, unconscious and harmful movement for our joints.

Contrary to what we think, not free of muscle tension. Instead, we produce more synovial fluid, the natural lubricant that prevents weak bones. However, it can cause dystrophy, as well as increasing the chances of fractures or layoffs. Other possible consequences are stiffness, deformation of the affected area, and excessive pain that disappears only with sleep.


It is mainly adults over the age of 40 to suffer from this problem and the areas in which their hands and neck occur. The best way to avoid this problem is by exercising, always taking into account your age and physical condition. Walking and swimming are the most recommended.

Activities that promote muscle strengthening and flexibility. In fact, they make it possible to tolerate more efforts and suffer the least joints, which are not overwhelmed. After the age of 30, we begin to lose the elasticity of the tissues, so it is necessary to avoid or reduce bad habits, such as being sedentary and incorrect postures in front of the PC and the television.

do striped fingers cause arthritis?

Many Ask Me If you scratch your fingers can cause consequences such as arthritis. As we mentioned above, no doubt, repeating this habit every day for many years, theoretically damages cartilage.

One of the most important studies in this regard was conducted by Dr. Donald Unger, who during the 1960s, yes, he crossed the fingers of his left hand twice a day, but he did it with his right hand. Every year he controlled his hands, but he never suffered from any degenerative disease, not even in his hand, they usually owed to him.

Another study of over 30 seniors from a Los Angeles hospice. Those who lost their fingers during their lives did not suffer from osteoarthritis. In a third study, done on Detroit adults aged 45 and over, the problem was found to be in the claw, which was less strong and more than 80% of the time suffered swelling in the hands.

Following what was said, it is advisable not to take this habit, even if it sometimes gets rid of tensions, it is legitimate to scratch your bones.