Iportessia: What is it and what are its causes?

By Wiki Healthier Staff

Iporesia may be due to physiological, social, or mood-related factors.

Iporesia is the medical term used to indicate loss of appetite. Although it can manifest at any age, this condition is mainly associated with aging.

anorexia and hypes are similar and it is quite difficult to tell them apart. The main difference consists in the fact that in the first inappropriate is total. Unfortunately, both conditions denote health due to malnutrition or a lack of nutrients, such as the vitamins you know.

It is estimated that HipSexy affects approximately 60% of the elderly to 65 years of age. After 80 years, almost 90% of the population tends to suffer from it. In the following lines, we will explain everything you need to know about it.

What are the causes of Thelpasia?

As already stated, Iporexia is nothing more than a lack of appetite, so loss of appetite. This condition produces a restriction of food, generally accompanied by weight loss and exhaustion.

Prolonged over time, hyporpegation causes a problematic nutritional deficit. In interested parties, it is quite common, it is quite common, low concentrations of vitamins and suffering from anemia.

Although it is true that with the passage of years, the energy requirement also decreases, this is not the only cause. Loss of appetite is often linked to disorders in the psychological sphere, such as stress or depression.

Unlike different experts, they believe that the hippopo is linked to the loss of sensory abilities in old age. In other words, reducing the sense of smell and taste also influences the appetite.

In addition, different acute and chronic diseases are other causes that can lead to power. In the elderly, it is common to find cases of neoplasms or digestive diseases that are the direct cause of this disorder.

Other common causes of iporexia

Appetite is undoubtedly influenced by several factors. In the case of the elderly, Ipornessia is also related to situations such as remaining in an RSA, lack of treatment or loneliness.

At the same time, it should be reported that certain drugs may also be in the base. For example, codeine or morphine and even chemotherapy therapies.

We must not forget the problems related to dental prostheses. Any dental pathology or even dryness of the jaws, which tends to increase over time, can affect the power supply. Not being able to get sick solid food.

What are the consequences of this disorder?

Loss of appetite and therefore consuming less and less food can lead to a condition of malnutrition. In the case of the elderly, malnutrition manifests itself slowly and progressively, making detection difficult.

The state of malnutrition implies a reduction in muscle mass; It is less strong, while the feeling of fatigue increases. In addition, food is also closely linked to health and the immune system.

In this sense, hiporports favor the aggravation of the previous pathologies, which is extremely important to establish a treatment as soon as possible. The ideal is to change eating habits immediately.

It is advisable to consume more meals a day, in small portions, but with many calories. Appetizing foods should also be preferred and extending times dedicated to meals, without distractions. In the event that these measures are not enough, treatment treatment with drugs that increase appetite can be prescribed.

The most important thing is to always consult your doctor in case of doubt. They will be able to assess the situation and recommend the most appropriate measures for the case, depending on the origin of the disturbance.

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