Increase Sex Stamina With 3 Tips

By Wiki Healthier Staff

How to improve sexual stamina? Some tips can be of great help in this direction, such as being physically active or performing Kegel exercises. We talk about this in this article.

Increased sexual stamina can help you have more satisfying intimate relationships. To this end, it is useful to treat certain common situations during a sexual relationship, such as premature ejaculation or physical fatigue.

There are specific exercises and good habits below in these cases. However, it must be practiced consistently to obtain the desired results.

On the other hand, if you want to improve your sexual performances, it can be useful to know the 3 simple strategies that we are presenting. Read!

Strategies to Increase Sexual Stamina

1. Physical activity is a key element to improve sexual stamina

The sexual strength during intercourse is poor because you get tired before expected? Do you feel tired immediately? This may depend on your general physical stamina.

Some scientific results, in fact, emphasize this aspect. This is the case of a study that Professor Igor Grabrovac presented together with other scientists. His findings indicate that leading a more active life can often be associated with better sex.

Sedation or lack of physical activity, therefore, are factors that can be reflected in other areas, including this underwear.

However, it is possible to introduce physical activity into the daily routine thanks to some simple ideas. Depending on the characteristics, preferences and personal needs, you can do it in different ways:

  • start walking a little every day.
  • There are those who prefer to leave a few minutes to run.
  • If you have tools or machines at your fingertips or even prefer to sign up for a gym, you might consider options like swimming, dancing, or other guided classes.

the results will come. The important thing is to be constant in the search for the defined objective. It will be useful to keep these tips in mind if you prefer to follow it from a personal trainer if you opt for group classes.

2. Kegel exercises to increase sexual stamina

Another useful strategy for increasing sexual stamina is to stick with Kegel exercises, which can be done by both men and women.

The purpose of these exercises is to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, to improve erection in the case of men or vaginal contraction in the case of women. The basic exercise series is about to introduce the following steps:

  • For the first few days, try to keep your urine stream while you are in the bathroom. This will be helpful in identifying the muscles to be trained.
  • once identified, try to train them elsewhere.
  • start a contraction for a few seconds, to pause for as many seconds.
  • This step can be repeated several times, until completing a series of one or more.

by hand, it will again increase erection time (men) and contraction (women). These benefits were observed in a study conducted by a group of researchers from the University of San Paolo.

These scientists say that women who are more experienced in these techniques can support pressure on the longer vaginal canal, which positively affects the sexual act.

3. The habit of masturbating brings specific benefits

Masturbating despite having a partner is often a habit that helps increase sexual stamina. The reason for this is in the fact that it allows you to learn more about yourself, giving you the opportunity to find out what you like best and which areas are most sensitive.

In relation to women, they can resist more during the Law of Sex since they have gained confidence with their own erogenous areas. This information must be shared with the partner, but if this happens during the final phase of the report, the maximum of pleasure, in turn, could be late in coming.

As far as men are concerned, masturbation represents an opportunity to discover different methods to delay ejaculation. One consists of exerting a certain pressure on the glans before orgasm. At that moment, stop dreaming and take a deep breath: these are small gestures that help delay the pleasure.

In addition to these benefits, we cannot mention the fact that masturbation helps to cope with certain problems in the sexual sphere. For example, in cases of premature ejaculation, it has been used again for this practice, as explained in the study carried out by a group of teachers from Sun Yat-Sen University (China).

What do these American strategies teach?

These guidelines help those who are looking for tips to increase their sexual stamina. We hope that you can begin to put these strategies into practice in your daily life. The results will come over time if you are constant.

However, if you always feel tired or feel discomfort or often find the same difficulty in sexual intercourse, contact a specialist for a case evaluation.