How To Prepare The Onion Remedy To Purify The Kidneys

By Wiki Healthier Staff

In addition to the benefits of onion, this remedy to strengthen kidney health also explores the diuretic power and parsley and lemon purifier

Kidneys are the organs that treat toxins in the blood through a complex detoxification process that ends with the expulsion of urine. Its functioning is fundamental for the well-being of the whole organism, so it is good to learn how to purify the kidneys in the correct way.

Among its various functions, the kidneys preserve the balance of electrolytes and other essential nutrients.

The problem is that due to bad habits, the functions of the kidneys are changed, causing disturbances that compromise the good quality of life.

Even at first they do not seem to cause problems, over time, they give rise to a series of negative reactions that manifest with different physical symptoms.

For this, you will have to learn how to purify the kidneys through a healthy food source and some natural remedies capable of stimulating their functions.

To continue, we want to share with you an interesting remedy based on onion whose properties reinforce kidney health and at the same time eliminate toxins.

What are you waiting for to try it?

Cleanse the kidneys with an onion-based remedy

Onion is one of the foods with multiple medicinal properties that have been used for centuries in the treatment of the kidneys to promote good health.

onion has purifying, antibiotic and diuretic properties that strengthen these organs and, at the same time, create a protective barrier against free radicals and some infectious agents.

The active ingredient in onion, allicin, gives this plant a powerful anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effect that helps to restore the smooth functioning of the kidneys, especially in case of excess toxins.

Also taking into account the contribution of vitamins and minerals, it promotes the balance of fluids in the body and keeps the level of electrolytes stable.

Among the main nutritional properties, we remember the contribution of:

  • vitamins (A, GROUP B, C and E)
  • Minerals (football, potassium, magnesium, sodium, silicon, sulfur, phosphorus, iodine, copper)
  • anthocyanins
  • Fiber Feed and

These substances contribute to slowing down the damage caused by free radicals and, in a long time, reduce the risk of developing degenerative diseases.

How to prepare the onion of the medicine to purify the kidneys?

This natural kidney purifying treatment explores the properties of onion and the diuretic parts of parsley and lemon.

The result is an excellent ally to eliminate toxins and fight inflammation.

This is a detox drink whose nutritional containers tone and strengthen the renal system.

Antibacterial, astringent and anti-inflammatory compounds help to run optimal kidneys and purify the urinary tract to reduce the risk of infections.


  • 2 liters of water
  • 2 raw onions
  • 3 Divoles Sauce
  • 2 lemon juice


  • Place the two liters of water in a CAS. Seriously e boil for a few minutes.
  • while this, peel and cut the onion into small pieces or slices.
  • When the water is ready, pour it into a bottle and add the onion.
  • , so add the parsley and the juice of two lemons. Let rest for at least two hours.
  • spent the two hours, filter the drink and consume it.

How to bring the remedy to purify the kidneys

  • The two liters of onion water should be drunk during the day 5 or 6 times.
  • How does this remedy have very powerful diuretic effects, the treatment lasts only 3 days a week and it must be done some day yes and no?
  • To detoxify the kidneys, you will need to drink this drink for 1-2 weeks.
  • During the purification period, you will need to limit sodium intake, including table salt, because this substance interferes with renal purification.
  • You should not even consume saturated fats or sugars as it increases the presence of toxins in the body.
  • alternatively, he increased the servings of fruits and vegetables, especially those high in water. Legumes, mushrooms and fish are also recommended.
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This remedy can cause unwanted reactions in patients suffering from stomach problems such as reflux or inflammation.

We remind ourselves that the onion drink is not recommended for those with low blood pressure problems, as it tends to reduce blood pressure.

This also applies to those who suffer from low blood sugar. This remedy could, in fact, lower blood sugar levels to alarming levels.

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