How to Fight Childhood Constipation

By Wiki Healthier Staff

The consumption of fruits and fruit vegetables is a simple measure to combat childhood constipation. In addition, it is good to encourage other healthy habits, such as drinking water and practicing sports. There are many natural methods that help combat childhood constipation. In fact, although it can occur in children as young as a few months old as well as in older children, in general, it can be solved with nutrition and some healthy habits.

This digestive disease is one of the main reasons why you are there at the pediatrician. Although not serious, it can cause disturbances and complications when not properly treated. How can I tell if your child is suffering from childhood constipation?

The main feature of this problem is changes in bowel habits. Often the child has fewer than three bowel movements per week or their stools are hard and dry. He is also likely to experience painful bowel movements and abdominal swelling.

Fortunately, it is not always necessary to resort to the use of conventional laxatives. Before opting for this measure, it is better to follow some suggestions to change the diet and try different natural remedies. Take notes!

Tips to combat childhood constipation in a natural way

There are many factors that can affect this digestive disorder in children. However, among its main causes, there are bad eating habits. It is true that the digestive system of children must adapt to the diet; The problem is that sometimes we give them food whose nutritional value does not help at all.

What can we do to combat childhood constipation? The first step to be taken is when it comes to dietary changes. So below we share the main recommendations in detail.

Promote fiber intake

FIBER is one of the essential nutrients that support the digestion process. When food is poorer than this substance, children are generally more sensitive to constipation. Therefore, the ideal is to encourage its consumption through:

  • whole grains
  • fruits with shell
  • Fresh vegetables
  • dried plums
  • Chickpeas and lentils
  • peas

L Excessive consumption of sugar negatively affects the health of the digestive system. Finally, many of the cases of childhood constipation originate from the daily intake of sweets and sweets. Although children love these products, it is best to try not to give them to them.

Make sure the child drinks water

The importance of consuming plenty of water every day already begins at an age proposition. When children do not drink enough, their digestive process slows down and they are more at risk of constipation. This is because liquids increase the volume of fiber and make the stool softer.

Promote sports practices

The regular practice of any sports activity, including games, stimulates blood circulation and improves intestinal transit. Therefore, as a complement to a healthy diet, it is essential to encourage any type of physical activity in the little ones.

Teach a potty routine

The bathing routine should be introduced at the appropriate age. While young children are afraid to do this step, it is important to accompany and guide them because it becomes a habit. Children who are not ready to go to the bathroom tend to retain stool.

So it’s best to just get them comfortable with the bath without putting too much pressure. Once they can do this, it is essential to teach them the correct posture to adopt. Also, it’s good to remind them to do it whenever they feel the need.

Natural remedies to combat childhood constipation

Pharmacological laxatives are an option only when constipation is chronic. In fact, its administration in children must be carried out under the supervision of the pediatrician. When the condition is rare or mild, it is better to experiment with some natural remedies.

prune juice

Prune is one of the laxative fruits that can stimulate intestinal functions to relieve the effects of constipation. Therefore, with young children, it is advisable to provide one to two ounces of juice diluted in the same amount of water.

grape fast

Grapes are a delicious fruit that children will love to eat. In addition, it is a good treatment to combat childhood constipation in a short time. It is best to give them 6 to 8 quick grapes, with the rind on.


Children over one year old can consume honey diluted in water as an alternative solution against lens digestion. This ingredient contains natural enzymes that help optimize the process of breaking down food for later disposal.

Apple juice

Apple juice is a recommended drink for younger children. As they love the taste, it is ideal as a supplement for the treatment of constipation. Its pectin and water content is perfect for treating this problem. Therefore, it is advisable to give them between 2 and 4 ounces per day of this product.

In summary

The easiest and safest way to combat childhood constipation is to improve energy. provide. The ideal is to eliminate the refined and worked organic alternatives. Also, it is good to take its fruitful and laxative remedies to help you overcome this problem.

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