How to Carry On When Nothing Makes You Happy

By Wiki Healthier Staff

When nothing makes us happy, we should not despair. It’s better to go one step at a time, small changes that give me a bit of well-being, even if it’s minimal.

There are times when nothing makes us happy. The world loses its shine, the songs lose their songs and the laughter of those around us fills us with nothing but joy.

Next In these situations it is not always easy if you do not find a sufficient reason to continue increasing every day. However, this reason is easy to find: we ourselves are ourselves.

When we neglect our emotional needs, when we let go of the pressure to get involved until we lose our breath, enthusiasm, and control of our lives, the world begins to go backwards.

Friends can comfort us, they can tell us that “time takes care of all wounds and the bad will pass”, but if it’s not us to get the reins of our personal universe, it won’t do The beautiful words and packages on your back.

There are many moments when, in fact, there is nothing that makes us happy. However, we must not allow these moments to become a useful life. We explain what to do.

If nothing makes you feel good, if you realize that you are moral for more than three months, with insomnia problems, lack of appetite and with apathy, how to lose interest in anything, so we advise you to contact with your doctor.

You may suffer from a form of depression and a professional can make a correct diagnosis and show the appropriate treatment according to your needs. Once the presence of a deeper psychological problem has been ruled out or confirmed, it is necessary to reflect on these dimensions and try to put some advice into practice.

I respect your rhythms: The world is slower now

You’re sick and you can’t even fake anything. What do you need to smile or wear masks when you really tried sadness or even apathy?

  • You do not intend to try to prove what you do not try, otherwise you will only intensify your suffering.
  • You have the right to live a moment of fragility, of sadness. Believe it or not, negative emotions have a purpose and it is to make us understand that there is something to change to better adapt to our environment.

Respect this slower pace that your mind and body now need. You need a period of introspection during which you can take care of yourself, ask questions, and find out what is going on inside of you.

Council What you try to find what you need

You know you don’t feel well, sometimes testing anger, sometimes sadness, others still want to sleep or talk to someone. Well, since you are aware of the emotional carousel you are experiencing, it’s time to put on the background what you are trying to understand what you need.

  • I need to look better.
  • I need to spend time alone.
  • I want to feel useful.
  • I need to find new hope.
  • I need to start.
  • I want to love myself as merit.
  • I don’t need to feel sad anymore.

small daily changes when nothing makes us happy

No one feels happier at any time or from day to day. Well-being must be cultivated day after day, gradually changing the way of thinking and making minor changes.

  • Today my purpose is to take a long walk that I will try to enjoy as much as possible.
  • I want to check my negative thoughts.
  • Today I want to see myself with friends and do with their programs for the future.
  • I want to put myself first, I want to give myself some time, pleasant moments.
  • I want to participate in a long-term goal: I will enroll in a course, I will design a trip.

These small changes generate important emotional improvements for them that will gradually be reflected in their well-being and life.

To be happy, you must give up certain things.

to be happy, sometimes you need to be able to give up certain things or even some people. This requires courageous action that is not always easy. Learn to identify these “internal tasters” and defeat them. The effort will always be worth it.

  • You must learn to listen to your needs, your conscience. If you realize what is keeping you from your essence and do nothing, then you are willingly giving up your happiness.
  • Giving up is learning to close circles, phases, steps. You know how to recognize what nothing else gives you, what nothing else gives you, that you want to feel bad.
  • You should also take into account the fact that sometimes there is a guilty party that justifies your unhappiness. Often we are ourselves, with our fears and insecurities, to close the door to well-being and happiness.

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Sadness and depression have many common characteristics, but at the same time they are two totally different concepts.


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