How Much to Eat Your Hands Say

By Wiki Healthier Staff

In general, we use our hands to dose the right food such as rice, but we can also use them for other ingredients. One of the aspects to consider when it comes to following a correct offer is the amount of food that we involve in the course of the day. We can use their hands to understand how much to eat and the parts to bring to the table.

Even if most people are used to dividing food portions in different ways, there are those who still have a hard time dosing food accurately.

Nutritionists advise you to eat little, but often during the day. Yet many people continue to make dietary mistakes.

Fortunately, you don’t need to invest a lot of money in rigorous scales or methods to calculate what the correct daily servings should look like.

l ‘The only thing you need to avoid making mistakes in this task will be your hands.

Just like this one! Perhaps until now you have never thought about it, but your hands allow you to perfectly calculate how much you need to eat.

How to use your hands to measure how much to eat?

It is likely that on other occasions you have heard curious things about the hands, the kind that can reveal aspects of the personality or health conditions of each one of us.

The fact that your hands also give up the amount of food is a lesser known appearance.

You’ll certainly be curious how it works, so let’s dig deeper.

The “diet” for “how much to eat based on the body

The diet of the hand, this is the name of the method to measure the amount of food that was ingested that It was illustrated by the website of the North American site your health.

This diet has become famous because it respects nutritional balance and is not one of these fashionable “miracles”.

It is based on the idea that being overweight is connected to the excess portions of food required for each body. This technique allows, therefore, to measure the correct amount and the hands indicate how to eat.

For example, meat portions should never exceed the palm of the hand and carbohydrates should not exceed the diameter of the clenched fist.

The method attracted the attention of nutritionists and experts on the subject, who consider it an interesting way to understand that power is power. individual problem..

clenched fist dose

The closed-fist dose is for carbohydrate-rich foods.

Some examples:

dose of a palm

It is shown that the palm of one hand measures the right daily fruit of the fruits.

The space that goes from the pulse to the beginning of the fingers serves as a measurement also for a protein-rich food, such as lentils.

Two Hands United Dose

The two bowl-shaped hands are ideal for measuring out a dose of vegetables.

Index and median united doses

The dosage indicated by the index and the middle applies to foods such as cheese.

Dose of the first fake police

This is the indicated amount in relation to fats and sugars.

It is important to note that this is a food category that is eaten in moderation throughout the day.

Other tips To avoid exceeding food and know how to eat

Even if the dosing technique is useful for nutrition, we know that it is important to follow other tricks.

In addition to what has been said so far, it is good:

  • Avoid eating French fries, sausages and refined foods.
  • Read the recommended doses on the product labels and keep them in consideration when consuming.
  • Moderate desserts because they tend to be addictive.
  • Choose small plates for serving food and divide portions four to five times a day.
  • Avoid lunch or dinner in front of the television, computer, or phone, among the many distractions.
  • Dedicate yourself at least 2 Food, consuming it in a quiet place and away from sources of noise.
  • Add more vegetables to the main meal so that half of the plate is precisely based on vegetables.
  • Do moderate physical activity.
  • Increase the consumption of water and drinks with few calories.

As you can see, there are many things to consider in moderation of your daily food intake.

Even if at first it is not easy to put these tips into practice, with the approval of the day, the body gets used to it. You want to try?

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