Hot Water Waters: Body Benefits

By Wiki Healthier Staff

Drinking a fasting cup of hot water is considered a practice capable of purifying the body of toxins.

Quick hot water fasting is a simple habit that, according to popular beliefs, is good for health and is helpful for weight loss.

If you too, like many others, put up a fight to drink a glass of warm lemon water because your stomach won’t tolerate this, you can always opt for a simple cup of hot water instead.

There are 7 good reasons to start following this healthy habit. Try this medicine for at least 15 days!

1. Hot Water Fasting Could Help You Lose Weight

Hot water will only lose your pounds, but it is a healthy habit that, combined with a correct and balanced diet, could help.

According to popular beliefs, hot water not only hydrates, but also:

  • Improves digestion.
  • fight constipation.
  • speed up metabolism.
  • favors intestinal transit.

The fact that facilitating basic processes, such as those just described, favors a better overall balance of the body. Obviously, this is a positive flap, as long as it is combined with a healthy lifestyle, such as a balanced diet and physical activity.

2. It would help balance the nervous system

According to Chinese folk beliefs, a good way to improve the health of the nervous system would be to drink hot water on an empty stomach. The morning, as soon as you wake up, would be the ideal time to moisturize, as the stomach is believed to be more receptive.

So instead of a cup of coffee as the first drink of the day, you can drink hot water. In practice, it would help stimulate the brain to become more active and ready to face the day.

Adequate hydration is essential for the body, however, it is good to clarify that the temperature of the water has not been shown to be relevant in terms of benefits.

3. Drink hot water fasting, it would help relieve menstrual cramps

In addition to moisturizing, stimulating urination and providing a certain sense of well-being, hot drinks (teas and Herbal teas) contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Something that is particularly useful for relieving menstrual cramps.


It is also proven that hot Jejum water can ease the digestion process and prevent gastrointestinal disorders.

It is recommended to drink a glass of water before each meal if it is hot or hot, even better. This would help the stomach that received food and, therefore, would favor the correct absorption of nutrients.

5. Useful for skin health

Water is a great beauty and skin health ally. It is well proven that it helps the larger body of the body to properly carry out its functions, keeping it fresh, elastic and beautiful.

In the popular area, you think that drinking hot water on an empty stomach only helps skin appear more radiant and regenerate more easily, but this also helps flush toxins out of the body and fight free radicals. that promote premature aging.

Is it always necessary to take a hot water fast?

Hot, cold, hot or otherwise, water is vital to all living things and must be consumed daily in copious amounts. If you prefer to drink hot, on the contrary, it will be fine, the important thing is that you never neglect your hydration.

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Lemon is a food rich in vitamin C, which contributes to skin health. That is why you think it is useful to drink lemon juice.

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