Hide Belly: 7 Tips Between Fashion And Comfort

By Wiki Healthier Staff

Is the heat coming and you are worried about not being able to show a flat stomach? Here are some tricks for the election of the leaders to use a point in your favor. Nobody likes to show a swollen belly. Reason for which there are many people looking for tricks to hide the belly, especially when they have to show a specific outfit for a social event.

Although there is nothing wrong with wanting to hide your belly, it is always better to find a permanent solution. In this sense, the best thing to do is improve your lifestyle: adopt a healthy diet, exercise every day and, of course, follow the instructions of your doctor or nutritionist.

In the meantime, you can consider the tricks that we offer in this article. You will find out that clothes can become a great ally.

Fashion tips To hide the belly

If you are a woman and want to hide your tummy, take a look at these suggestions:

1. Large blouses

A simple but infallible idea. Wide blouses easily hide imperfections. This clothing perfectly matches a wide variety of jeans and pants. Don’t miss the opportunity to be comfortable and stylish!

Watch out, however, not to wear all amp; Otherwise, they will look bulkier than they actually are. Better an average terrain: no clothes that are too tight or too big.

2. Option of dark colors to hide the belly

Often the same head, but a different Dicie, it can give a totally different appearance to those who wear it. Opting for black clothing is always a valid option, but also navy blue, brown, burgundy or dark green.

3. Choose the right cut

A good secret is always prefer amp models on the side to hide the belly. For example, the so-called Peplum template, as well as the Empire style, are great options.

It is also important to choose underwear that suits your figure. You can also wear a containing band if you feel comfortable and comfortable. These two tips will help you model your silhouette in a spectacular way.

4. Eliminate low-waisted jeans

The best options are medium or high. In fact, they will help you to be more comfortable and hide your belly. Those with a low waist, on the contrary, further accentuate this area.

6.Cap Style

In this paragraph, I expose some aspects to take into account. First, coats and blazers can go a long way, especially if it wears out.

On the other hand, it is better to wear high-waisted pants as long as the belly is not too big. This scaly will give your legs an elongated effect and make you look slimmer.

Finally, avoid horizontal straps, prints and lycra clothing. Although small details are visible, they really affect a lot of appearance.

7. Posture and attitude

The last advice refers to a central aspect in the appearance of a person: attitude. The figure can look markedly different if you keep your back straight, get up and look.

If you are embarrassed or hiding, you will send this insecurity to your body and try to hide. You have confidence in yourself!

Hiding your belly Pay attention to details

Wear dark colors, loose clothing, but not too big, choose the right cut of tunics and at the same time avoid narrow clothing, These are all tricks that can be useful for men and women.

As you can see, each account account. Take some advice, but remember that the best thing to do is to tackle the root problem by improving your lifestyle habits.

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