Grilled Family: 4 Delicious Recipes

By Wiki Healthier Staff

These 4 grilled recipes are delicious, healthy and, without a doubt, the stars of a wonderful family day. They are really easy to prepare; Don’t lose them!

The family on the grill is the ideal opportunity to experiment with new recipes or to vary the ones that are already known. The objective? Expose the flavor of meat and conquer the palates of diners.

With a hint of creativity, it will make your dishes even tastier and we can assure you that no one will be disappointed with the renewed explosion of flavours. In this sense, we propose 4 delicious recipes to enjoy a wonderful family barbecue. Take notes!

As shown on Wikipedia, the grill is a suitable method of cooking different types of meat, sending it to the heat of the fire. It is also known as a barbecue and is usually done in family or social settings. Are you ready to enjoy your family barbecue? Here are 4 alternatives.

1. Argentinian Roast

Argentine meat is one of the most requested for the preparation of large griddles. The Argentine breeding industry enjoys complete international recognition and, above all, by meat lovers.

For a family grilling in style, we advise that you haven’t already tried the meat from Argentina. Another possibility is to combine it for meat from our region. Let’s remember that beef is an important source of protein and other compounds that contribute to health, according to what was reported in a publication of the world scientific journal.


  • 1 kilo of meat fillet
  • ½ pound of marinated sausages.
  • 5 tablespoons of sea salt (75 g).
  • a bottle of pilsner type beer (355 ml).


  • Cut the meat into pieces.
  • So smooth with a Batticharne.
  • when the meat will be soft, place it in a bowl.
  • the meat came out
  • so add the beer, a little at a time.
  • Allow to rest for about 2 hours.
  • While this, begin to heat the grid with charcoal, so that it is ready for use.
  • He spent the necessary rest time, roasted the meat based on the desired doneness (the ideal is to cook anyway for at least 2).
  • thus along with the steak, roast and sausage for a maximum time of 7 -1.
  • finally, remove from heat and serve.

2. Grilled chicken in mustard sauce

For a memorable family griddle, a valid alternative is to use white meat instead of red meat. In this sense, we propose an original recipe prepared with mustard sauce, which contributes to making the meat even more succulent.

In this case, it should be emphasized that the consumption of white meat is highly recommended for health. According to a study published in food and so on until you fill it up.

  • sprinkle all over with chicken meat seasoning.
  • Once prep is complete, cork skewers on grill at medium focus (try to keep chicken succulent).
  • Finally, brush each spit with your seasoning of choice. We also advise you to try the Chimichurri sauce.
  • Did you want to prepare one of these recipes on the grill? You can even try your hand at one or more to brighten up your future family gatherings. Tasting them all!

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