Fruits And Vegetables, Minor Varieties

By Wiki Healthier Staff

Integrating our diet with these little-known foods can be a fun way to combat monotony at the table.

Experts recommend eating five servings between fruits and vegetables every day, but often our reaction is “boredom!”

A healthy diet becomes monotonous only if we always resort to the same foods. In fact, we can choose between many varieties of fruits and vegetables, some certainly well-known, but they are equipped with the same properties as the most common varieties.

Eating fruit means enriching our body with all kinds of vitamins, but also mineral salts, fibers and water. At the same time, it brings a dose of sugar that curbs the desire for other sweet foods, such as cookies or snacks.

Thanks to her, we feel SAZI, we strengthen the immune system, we promote digestive functions and we maintain our figure. Vegetables, for them, offer the same advantages and generally contain even more fiber. They also help eliminate toxins.

As we all know, food intake can make our body armor against diseases or cause them.

Taking all this into account, we invite you to better explore the universe of fruits and vegetables that present some alternatives to which we are less accustomed.

1. White strawberries

This is the result of the intersection of two fruits. The look is strawberry, so when you demonstrate, you don’t expect to feel a delicious taste of pineapple.

It has excellent vitamin value, with high doses of vitamin A, C and B9. Vitamin B9, less known than others, offers us very important benefits: preventing and linking cerebral and cardiovascular disorders, as well as neuropathic conditions, including migraine or sciatica.

White strawberry, also known as pineberry, contains high doses of potassium, an important element for bone and muscle health. Not surprisingly, athletes eat potassium-rich fruits to keep muscle toned.

This fruit also helps metabolize carbohydrates; This means that we can explore the energy that offers us less risk of lubrication.

2. Tamarillo / H3

The tamarillo, also called tomato, is similar to the latter, but has a much sweeter flavor and is appreciated by children.

It is also a perfect snack for the most delicious because compared to other fruits it brings a lot of water and a few calories. Therefore, we can enjoy its particular taste without risking lubrication.

  • Like a white strawberry, Tamarillo is rich in vitamins A, B and C.
  • Among the minerals it provides magnesium mainly, ideal for the health of the teeth and the heart.
  • contributes to the formation of proteins, essential for strong muscles.

3. Navone, Swedish cabbage or rutabaga

It is a Swedish root very similar to turnip, but more sugary. Its strength is undoubtedly the fiber content. In fact, Swedish cabbage is among the vegetables that offer the most. Therefore, it is ideal for stimulating intestinal transit and detoxification of the body.

Doctors recommend it to those who suffer from hypertension because of its low sodium content and for the high dose of phosphorus and potassium.

4. Fennel, exotic fruits and vegetables

With its slightly spicy flavor, sea fennel is another unusual vegetable that we recommend for its high vitamin C content.

This is a fantastic antioxidant, capable of offering good protection against disease. It can be added to salads or fish dishes.

It is also ideal as a natural remedy against flatulence and digestive problems, since it has properties very similar to those of fennel.

We have a large number of fruits and vegetables that offer the same benefits as the more common varieties. Boredom can no longer be an excuse for not eating healthy. Browse these lovely alternatives and tell us about your impressions.

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