Foods to Avoid to Avoid Abdominal Bloating

By Wiki Healthier Staff

Even if they are allergic, there are some foods that, due to their characteristics, can promote the formation of air in the stomach and inflammation, making us look bloated.

How to avoid abdominal inflammation? Abdominal swelling is an irritating symptom that gives us the impression of weighing more than in reality.

Many think that it is due to the accumulation of fat in this area, but the truth is that there are many other factors that affect its appearance.

In fact, it is sometimes accompanied by digestive disorders, such as the accumulation of pain and gas, which produce a sense of weight.

Abdominal bloating is associated with incorrect food choices, as many foods cause inflammatory reactions after they have been assimilated by the body.

The most disturbing aspect is that as consumers are often unaware of what these foods are, and despite their effects, we continue to regularly add them to our diet.

For this reason, we want to dedicate the following space to the 7 foods that are better to avoid so as not to suffer from abdominal swelling. Discover them!

1. Milk and derivatives

Milk and other dairy products are among the main causes of abdominal swelling. This is due to its high content of lactose, a natural sugar that tends to cause digestive difficulties that the enzymes work properly.

Its misuse causes excessive production of intestinal gases, pain and swelling.


  • Replace cow’s milk with plant-based products such as almond milk or oatmeal.
  • If you want to get larger amounts of calcium, choose vegetables that contain this mineral.

2. Refined flours

The refined flours were sent to a process that reduces their nutritional quality. They actually lose their dietary fiber, a nutrient that is essential for digestion.

It also brings a smaller amount of vitamins and minerals in relation to whole grain flours and is highly inflammatory due to its gluten. /p>


  • Maximum consumption of refined flour, including bread and pizza.
  • Try to replace them with gluten-free whole grain flours.

3. Cruciferous vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables are rich in essential nutrients that, in exchange for a reduced number of calories, improve numerous aspects of health.

The problem is that they also have a polysaccharide known as string which, once digested, ferments and causes excessive intestinal gas production.

This obviously causes an inflammatory reaction in the abdomen that can be difficult to treat.


  • Consumer limit of this variety of vegetables, including them in your diet only once a week.
  • consumes them raw or steamed.

4. The sausages

Sausages always look good and represent a quick and delicious food option.

Behind this process, however, is a wide variety of chemical compounds and harmful health compounds. / P> Its habitual intake produces an inflammatory reaction in the body, compromising digestive and joint health.

It also contains an abundant salt that affects the appearance of water retention and metabolic disorders.


  • Replace sausages with lean meat like chicken or turkey.
  • Avoid foods that contain them.

5. French fries

They are among the most common causes of abdominal bloating, not only because they increase fat accumulation, but also because they slow digestion and increase cholesterol levels. Here is what you can do to avoid suffering from abdominal bloating.


  • Fully packaged chips, such as chips and similar products.
  • For cooking, use healthy oils like olive or sunflower.

6. condiments

Seasonings enhance the flavor of foods and small doses offer interesting health benefits.

The problem arises when they are consumed in large quantities, especially if we join them or more variety.

Irregration The gastric mucosa and, producing an inflammatory reaction, causes reflux and intestinal gases.


7. Beans

We cannot deny that beans are delicious and almost irreplaceable in the diet. In fact, it is an important source of vegetable proteins, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Despite this, they can cause abdominal bloating, as they cause digestive difficulties due to their high polysaccharide content.


Consume only occasionally and in moderate portions. Cook well, to avoid unwanted digestive reactions.

Do you usually include these foods in your diet? If so, maybe this is the reason why you can’t get a smooth belly. Limit the consumer and opt for other lighter foods. Only then will you stop suffering from abdominal swelling!

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