Flat Belly: How To Reduce Fat And Water Retention

By Wiki Healthier Staff

Who doesn’t have a few extra kilos in the belly area? The same applies to liquids that we do not eliminate correctly. It is normal, especially in women. It reduces fat and water retention in this area of ​​the body, but it is not impossible. Do you want to know a simple and natural remedy to reduce fat and swollen belly? Keep reading the article to find out more!

A single remedy for two problems? Eliminate liquids and reduce fat? That’s right, but that’s not a miracle. It is a simple and healthy natural remedy, which is good for every day. Sometimes the simplest things are the ones that give the best results, especially if they are medicinal plants. But what medicinal plants are we talking about? Take notes:

  • Dandelion: It is a medicinal plant among the most effective in reducing fat. According to experts, the part that has the greatest weight loss action is the dandelion root. You can find it in stores of natural products and herbalists, it is really an excellent remedy. In general, this plant has a detoxifying effect, so it helps purify the kidneys and liver, stimulates purification and urine production. Reduces inflammation of the abdomen, adjusts blood sugar levels and, ultimately, increases immune defenses. A wonderful plant!
  • Chopped fresh: already told about the many benefits of ginger to reduce fat, purify the body and prevent inflammation. But there is more. According to researchers from the University of Maastricht, this medicinal plant speeds up the metabolism and, consequently, allows you to burn more fat. Ginger gives a feeling of satiety and is ideal to start the day.
  • Cinnamon: Did you know that cinnamon is excellent for reducing fat and losing weight? This delicious spice, in addition to flavoring numerous dishes and infusions, effectively lowers blood sugar levels to prevent significant insulin spikes or dips. In addition, cinnamon increases the body’s heat, causing chemical reactions that cause the metabolism to speed up. Excess calories end up being burned during the thermogenic process. Cinnamon, so it is an excellent medicine.
  • Mint: Do you like the delicious taste of mint? Among its medicinal properties, we remind you that those to reduce fat, stimulate gastric functions, increase digestive metabolism, burn fat and improve the functioning of the gallbladder bladder, increasing bile secretion.

1. How to prepare the remedy to reduce belly fat and bloating?

You will need the following ingredients in the indicated doses:

  • The spoon of the root of a dandelion
  • a tablespoon of fresh grated ginger
  • a piece of cinnamon
  • 5 mint leaves
  • a glass and a half water
  • two tablespoons of honey
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    2. How to make this medicine?

    It’s very simple. It should be taken 3 times during the day, 3 times a week

    1 cup fasting in the morning, just awake

    You have to drink hot infusion and empty the stomach. It is important that the ingredients are fresh. As you can see, these are very cheap products and you will have no problem finding them on the market. As for the dandelion, we recommend that you use the root because as we anticipated, it is the part that enjoys the most weight loss properties.

    1 cup after lunch

    India Facilitates digestion and better purifies.

    1 cup Before daily to sleep

    Remember that the infusion must be hot, never too hot or too cold or too cold. In addition, the combination of honey, mint and ginger will allow you to enjoy a good rest. This remedy is not a simple infusion to reduce fat, it also has an emulsifying and toning action at the same time, which is why it is very good for health.

    What you need to do is a decoction of all the ingredients with the glass and half the water. Once brought to a boil, let rest in the DIEC. Later, transfer the weight loss infusion at room temperature in a glass bottle.

    As you know, you will have to accompany this medication with a healthy, balanced diet free of harmful fats. Also, make sure you are physically active every day, just go for a walk for half an hour away. If you follow this diet together with a friend or friend, it will be easier to complete it. What are you waiting for to start?

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