Exercises To Strengthen The Body Without Tools Or Weights

By Wiki Healthier Staff

Did you know that to strengthen the body it may be enough to walk at least half an hour a day, every day? This exercise activates the whole body.

doing exercises to strengthen muscles does not mean following a training program in the gym; In fact, he only knows how to use all the parts of the body in a natural and safe way.

Even if we have associated tools and weights with a more sculpted and strong body, the truth is that they are not so necessary to build muscle mass.

Even with basic exercises to be held at home, we can process a full training program to achieve the figure we want very much and simply strengthen the body.

The secret is to carry out with Constanza, to unite the proper nutrition and healthy habits of life.

For this reason, we then want to talk to you in detail about 6 ways to get stronger muscles without using gym equipment.

Try us!

1. Walk or run

In addition to being a relaxing activity, running or walking at a brisk pace helps to strengthen the body and, in particular, the muscles of the legs and sides.

Do regularly Activates circulation, reduces tension and consequently activates metabolism, thus improving the processes that help you lose weight.

How to do this?

Be sure to wear comfortable clothing and sports shoes; Every day, a brisk walk that lasts between 15 and 3.

2. Squats

Squats are among the most suitable exercises to strengthen and tone the legs and buttocks. Consequently, energy consumption increases and contributes to improving body posture.

How do you do them?

  • Legs shoulder width apart, keep your back straight and bend your legs 90 degrees.
  • Lowering your knees, make sure they are in line with your ankles. We have to be careful that they do not exceed the point.
  • Hold the position for about 3-5 seconds and then return to the starting position.
  • 3 or 4 series of 6 or 15 repetitions.

3. Chest flexion

Focus of the pectoral curl on toning the muscles of the upper body.

However, as long as your back and arms are forced to lift your entire body weight, these exercises are great for strengthening most of your body.

This is a demanding activity that, in addition to increasing physical strength, serves to improve balance and coordination.

How to make them?

    Lie on your stomach on a rug, with your arms outstretched and your hands shoulder-width apart.

  • Tip your feet onto their toes, keeping them together or not apart while your back remains straight.
  • inhale and bend your arms to bring the location of the chest closer to the ground. Avoid curving the lower back.
  • Without putting your body on the floor during this phase of the movement, press through to full extension of your arms.
  • The movement was repeated 8 or 10 times and he completed 3 sets.

4. lift lift

LOSES Lifting exercises are useful for toning the abdominal area and buttocks. In fact, thanks to the position to be adopted, it is possible to work the arms at the same time and therefore strengthen them.

How to do this?

  • With your back straight and legs extended on the floor, raise one of two legs without putting too much weight on your back and hands.
  • continue lifting for 8 to 10 seconds and then rest.
  • Do the same movement with the opposite leg and complete 12 replicates for each.
  • to work also to work your arms, extend them forward or along the sides that form an angle of 90 degrees.

5. Isometric sit-up

With this type of abdominal, you work with the muscles of the life zone and the belly and, consequently, our physical resistance will increase.

allows you to strengthen the lumbar area and helps prevent cervical injuries.

How do you do them?

  • they lie on a rug next to the body.
  • Raise your legs up to a right angle and immediately lower them in slow motion without touching the ground.
  • hold this position for 8 seconds, rest another 8 and start again.
  • done 4 to 8 repetitions to start with and then increased along with the resistance you receive.

6. Exercises to strengthen the body using opposing forces

Counterforce exercises are those in which two types of forces are used: the one that is extended and the one that is contracted.

There are many ways to do them, but at first you can get a very simple exercise leaning against a wall.

How to do this?

    Resting your palms against the wall, on top of your chest, and stretch your arms as far as they will go.

  • Register one leg forward and spread the other.
  • Exert whatever strength you can as if you need to move the wall and hold this position for 10-12 seconds.
  • made 4 replicates.

ready to try home? As you can see, they are very easy exercises to achieve and do not need tools or other professional tools.

Do it every day and you’ll find this to be great for building muscle strength.

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Thanks to some simple exercises to do at home, we will achieve the perfect balance between being overweight and being excessively thin.