Essential Tremor: Symptoms, Causes and Therapy

By Wiki Healthier Staff

The tremor of the upper and lower extremities of the body is a symptom that can lead to different pathologies. Among these is the so-called essential tremor. In this article, we will talk about the information currently in our possession.

Essential tremor is common in the world population. In the list of motor disorders, it represents the most widespread pathology, far exceeding, by incidence, Parkinson’s disease. Statistically, it is twenty times more common in Parkinson’s in adulthood.

The age group most affected is that of people over sixty-five years of age. However, the age group between forty and sixty is the one that first manifests the first symptoms. Cases were also registered in childhood.

The main feature of essential tremor is involuntary movement, in the form of persistent spasms. This symptom mainly involves the upper extremities: hands and arms. The episodes tend to appear in symmetrical and with intervals.

Although it is a chronic condition, which spreads over time, it is not present throughout the year and, on time, not every day.

Essential tremor is not fatal, it is not associated with cognitive impairment or nervous system degeneration. Despite being considered benign, it is a disturbance that has a certain impact on the person.

We can say that it represents a cause of disability for normal activities of daily life, such as writing, having a cup of tea or tea shoes.

Causes of essential tremor

He does not know the cause of the pathology. This is because it is a benign disorder, with evolution at intervals. However, we know that essential tremor refers to a change of connections in the nervous system, which refers to the movement nuclei. Thalamo, Nigro-Streal Street and Cerebellum are areas of the nervous system in charge of regulating bodily movements.

The scientific hypothesis is that some of these regions undergo an abnormal change that ultimately triggers involuntary movement.

The existence of fervent cases in which parents and children suffer from essential tremor: confirms a genetic component of this change in the first analysis. Also, an equivalent name for essential tremor is “familial tremor.”

Essential tremor symptoms

First, you have to distinguish it from Parkinson’s. The main factor is that involuntary movements of essential tremor occur when the person performs a particular movement or when trying to maintain a certain posture. In Parkinson’s, involuntary movements occur during the rest phase.

In addition to the distinctive feature, or tremor of the upper extremities, we can list the following symptoms:

  • Element Variation: Essential tremor can reach the larynx, affecting the chords and therefore altering voice reproduction.
  • Head movement: as if the subject has said “yes” or “no” with the head, but in an unintentional way.
    • Difficulties in carrying out daily activities: sometimes the tremor is not evident, but the person realizes the difficulties they discover in taking something, when dealing with a tool, or simply in writing.

    If left untreated, the symptoms tend to worsen with age and aging. It has been shown to have been shown to become more prevalent when the subject consumes a lot of caffeine. Even in stressful situations or in case of bad nights rest.

    Although small amounts of alcohol have been shown to improve your symptoms, this is not absolute medical advice.

    possible therapies

    There is no cure for essential tremor. The recommended hygienic diet measure is always stopping the consumption of caffeine. For stress, different courses of conduct are recommended, such as psychotherapy or medication to reconcile sleep. Some patients benefit from Chinese and physiotherapy sessions aimed at improving muscle control and increasing coordination and coordination balance.

    Regarding the implementation of drug therapy, we can mention the following substances as the most used, as well as those that gave a better response:

    • propanol: this is a Beta. It is probably the most effective in mitigating the symptoms. It should be taken with caution from patients with cardiac disorders, especially if there are precedents of heart attacks) and always requires professional supervision.
      primidone: an anticonvulsant.
    • Antidepressants: If you need to check the stress that you can hide at the base of the pathology.
    • ansiolitics: to control stress and regular sleep.
    • botulinum toxin: to be applied at doses of injections, in specific points of the body (especially the head and hands).

    Other therapeutic options

    If the description does not work, you can use more complex treatments. The latter are reserved for patients with a poor drug reaction and with a disabling clinical structure. We can name the following therapeutic options:

    • radiocyurvy stereotexex – is the use of high-powered high-frequency rays focused on a specific area of ​​the nervous system.
    • HIFU: The principle is the same as the previous technique, but in this case with ultrasonic rays.
    • Implementation of a stimulator: a device will be placed to send electrical stimuli to the Thalamus.
    • thalamotomy: it is the section of parts of the thalamus by surgery. Today, the traditional technique is provided by radiosurgery or a HIFU, which avoids invasive surgery.

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