Eight Tricks To Hide Eyelids By Shooting

By Wiki Healthier Staff

There are many methods that can solve the problem of drooping eyelids. Let’s see which drooping eyelids are the result of the loss of elasticity and tone that the skin in the eye area suffers over the years. Although it is a natural and genetic condition, those who continually seek to find a way to hide drooping eyelids consider it an aesthetic defect.

In this article, we reveal eight tricks to hide drooping eyelids.

Today there are several surgical interventions capable of correcting or hiding drooping eyelids, especially when this defect compromises the screen.

However, these are very high-cost options that are not available to everyone.

Fortunately, maintaining the beauty of the face despite drooping eyelids is not impossible: thanks to a make-up make-up, we can restore our eyelids to a better appearance and show a perfect look.

In this article, we reveal the top eight tricks for drooping eyelids for you to turn to every day. Discover them with us.

1. Prepare the makeup base using a good foundation

With a small amount of foundation on the eyes, you can prevent the slide of shadow on the eyelids and the arch of the eyebrows.

This type of light base, also known as a primer, is a base that must be defined before the other products so that they are properly set.

Primers are available in different shades and pack sizes, so you can choose what works best for you. Some brands even produce in two different textures: powder or liquid.

2. Choose a waterproof eyeliner and waterproof mascara

Drooping eyelids struggled to apply products like eyeliner or mascara.

When products that are not waterproof or smudge proof, it is very likely that the Slime will work for all movements of the eyelids or the eye contour area.

To prevent this problem from ruining your makeup, use waterproof products and apply them carefully and precisely.

3. Use a brown eyeshadow to hide droopy lids

Apply a small amount of opaque brown shadow on the mobile eyelid. Then, using a lighter shade and a satin, go up to the browbone, where the fixed lid begins.

Follow the shape of the eyes and fade the two shadows for an even color avoiding sharp color cuts that would accentuate the flaw rather than hide it.

4. Mark the highest lash line

This is, without a doubt, one of the most interesting makeup tricks to hide drooping eyelids.

With the waterproof eyeliner, you will draw a line, from the point where the lashes are born, as close as possible to the eyeball.

In this way, you will have perfectly defined and larger eyes, they camouflage the sagging appearance of drooping eyelids.

You can do the same, even with the lower lash line; Instead, we advise you not to apply anything to the inner lower lash line.

5. Try the cat eye look

The eye of the eye style, also called “cat eye”, is not just a widespread trend among young people. If you are going to use it to correct drooping eyelids, it will have an elegant and original effect.

Sometimes it can be tricky to draw a good “cat eye” on drooping eyelids, but with a little practice and patience it will get easier and easier.

6. Use a good amount of mascara on the lash lashes

thick, dense and curved, they play a key role in obtaining a youthful and expressive appearance and hiding sagging flaws.

By inscribing in the different layers of the lashes, being careful not to bulge, you will be able to give your eyes a width that will pass the flaws of your lower lids.

Focus especially on the tips of the eyelash, to stretch and arch.

7. Wear false eyelashes

If Mother Nature didn’t give you a gift of long and thick eyelashes, you can easily turn to false eyelashes to complete your eye makeup.

Keep in mind that you will have to choose a pair that is attached to your face, since very large lashes could make for an unpleasant “carnival”.

You can apply them along the entire eyelid or from the center to the outer edge.

8. Makeup eyebrows

Although they are above the eyelids, the eyebrows are a key point to obtain a perfect eye makeup.

Create a high angle to help heighten your look and if they aren’t too thick, fill them in with an appropriate brow product.

Even a hint of highlighting just below your brows can help give your eyes a more open look.

To complete, do not forget that the best way to get a perfect makeup for your face is to try to try again.

Hide the eyelids, Quiandi, try different makeup styles and always use safe and good quality products.