Drink Water And Lemon To Sleep Better

By Wiki Healthier Staff

It favors digestion and alkalines the body, lemon juice is a great ally to reconcile better. In addition, join honey, is the enhanced effects

There are numerous people who want to sleep better. To succeed, we do not hesitate to resort to drugs or “a thousand and more” remedies “with which to find this precious well-being, such as drinking water and lemon.

If you suffer from chronic insomnia, without a doubt, the best advice is to consult a good specialist.

On the other hand, to improve the quality of your rest and prevent occasional insomnia associated, sometimes stress, bad habits or incorrect nutrition habits, we recommend the following: Drink water and lemon before going to sleep.

We know that in our space We talk to you many times about the benefits that you get during the day with a glass of hot water and lemon juice.

Live Berlo is very good for your health, however, and in case you want to have a deep and regenerative rest, you have to do the opposite: drink a cup of lemon water before going to bed.

Within a week the body will begin to produce proper king changes thanks to which you can sleep a little better. We explain how this works almost “miraculous” works.

Drinking water and lemon helps to rest better

Perhaps many people are skeptical of this remedy. At the end of the day and just before going to sleep, we have the feeling that our stomach is a little more sensitive and, therefore, it would not be ideal to drink this acidic and stimulating liquid.

We want sweeter, more pleasant and relaxing things. However, and by how much it may surprise us, our body will do very well to drink water and lemon.

to follow it in detail the reasons.

If your body is “intoxicated,” you won’t sleep well

We know that the expression “Anxious Organism” sounds disturbing. It is an expression of popular language, used to define a series of specific processes that occur in our body:

  • The body renews many tissues almost every day. There are cells that die, for example, red blood cells. In turn, rejection substances are created that need to be eliminated.
  • The body often cannot metabolize most of the components that make up the food we eat (many of them are even harmful to our health).
  • The ideal is to eliminate them as soon as possible, but this will depend on the appropriate organs, such as the liver or kidneys.
  • In the same way, we cannot even forget that environmental pollution “penetrates” our body, not only through the air or smoke. Many of today’s foods involve pesticides, toxic substances that accumulate in the body and can make it sick.

All these factors prevent us from resting properly. The liver or lymphatic system is required to work more.

All this will make us feel heavier, inflamed, angry and unable to reconcile deep sleep. However, with this remedy we will avoid it.

Lemon juice speeds up detoxification processes

Drinking water and lemon helps optimize liver function, purify the blood of harmful substances and yes, it takes care of the lymphatic system.

  • In the first day we will not notice immediate results, but within 6 or 7 days, the body will begin to realize its benefits.
  • We cannot forget that lemon juice promotes digestion. Nutrients will be absorbed much better and we will go to bed without the typical “bloat” without disturbances and more relaxed.

However, and as should be taken into account, it is likely that at night you want to go to the bathroom. Lemon, in fact, is a good diuretic, so you may be able to get up.

An ideal alkaline remedy to promote rest

This fact is curious, but fantastic: despite the acid taste of lemon, once in the body, it becomes a powerful alkaline agent.

It helps us to purify the blood, to take care of the liver, to increase the number of white blood cells and to optimize pancreatic function.

Its action is very powerful and if we stay to take this medicine every night, we will go to bed in the best conditions to sleep.

It’s worth a month’s trial.

How to prepare this medicine to sleep better at night


  • 1 cup of water (250ml)
  • 5 lemon juice tablespoons (50 ml)
  • 1 teaspoon of honey (7.5 g)


  • As you can see, the amount of lemon juice that we will add is not too much. Also, join a little honey, the effects to promote a good rest are sensational.
  • Let’s start heating the cup of water. It should be hot, never hot. Add honey while the water is on fire.
  • As soon as it reaches the correct temperature, pour the water into your favorite mug.
  • Later, add lemon juice.

Ideal is to drink this medicine two hours after dinner and before going to bed. Take this drink every night and you will see, little by little, you can rest as you should.

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