Cutting Onions Without Crying With The Right Tricks

By Wiki Healthier Staff

Cutting the onion can be a real nightmare. In this article, we present some tips to avoid tearing. Many of us know how well the burning sensation in the eyes, when you have to cut an onion while preparing lunch or dinner. For most eyes to the point that someone may think that we are going through a certain emotional moment.

The certain thing is that this feeling is really annoying and that even if it is not an emotional state when the eyes start to tear up it can really make us lose our patience.

Why, when we cut the onion, does it tear the eyes?

When we cut onions, a substance called Alina Liasses is released. It is responsible for the emission of an annoying molecule called Syn-propaetial-S-oxide or proponalial and, consequently, the burning and irritating sensation. tear.

This molecule is an essential sulfur oil that easily reaches the nose and irritates the mucous membranes. When we breathe the proportion, its irritating action produces tearing and burning eyes, sometimes very annoying to force us to leave the kitchen.

If it also comes back to most of the people who cry every time they cut an onion, read this article in which we reveal the best tricks to learn how to cut an onion without shedding a tear.

These tricks consist of avoiding or reducing the emission of the volatile substance and thus also diminishing its own ocular effects.

The best tricks to cut the onion without crying

lemon on cutting board

The first trick we propose for you to rub the cut plate with a piece of lemon before cutting the onion. So you can cut silently without risking it. This trick allows you to prevent the smell of the onion from getting on the cutting board.

freezer blade

If you need to use the onion to prepare your plates, place the blade in the freezer for about 1 hour before using it. It must be very cold.

Be sure to use a good knife to cut the onion, one of the smooth, sharp blades. In fact, the ones with the serrated blade do more enzyme release. Consequently, they cause tearing and burning, as well as having to take much longer to reduce the onion.

Encouraging air change

A wonderful trick is to cut the onion with the whim of the hood.

Another excellent option is to cut the onion in a place where there is airflow, in this way, the acids released from the onion responsible for Lacquich are reduced.

onion free

A good alternative is to place the onion in the freezer for at least an hour before slicing. If the onion is very cold, then it will be able to avoid burning and tearing.

Wet with water or vinegar The knife

How to cut the onion, jet the knife with water or vinegar several times. It’s a pretty simple hack, but it does reduce the sparkle significantly.

The water can help you flush out the gas released from the onion when it is cut. In this case, the ideal is to fill a container with water and put it close to where you need to cut the onion.

Place the boiling water close to where you cut the onions so the steam can dissipate the onion gases.

Use of glasses

Even if it looks weird, you can still wear sunglasses or pool mugs while the onion is being sliced. This trick will prevent burning and tearing and you can slice the onion with no problem. In fact, in the market there are also glasses to cut onions and the cost is about 20 euros.

Another trick is to first chop the onion into large pieces and then let it soak in boiling water for a few minutes before chopping finely.

If none of these tricks work, you can think about replacing the regular onion with onions, even if it doesn’t give the same onion flavor to your dishes. / P> You may be interested… Read more about Saniridura cough with garlic and onion infusion

cough is a very boring inflammation. For this, knowing how to reduce coughing with natural remedies, such as garlic and onion, can be very useful.