Choose the Dining Table: 6 Tips

By Wiki Healthier Staff

Dinners with friends, Christmas lunches, chats: the dining room table is one of the most important pieces of furniture in the house. Here are the following rules to make a good choice.

Choosing the dining room table is a matter of not having light. Around this cell phone, for many years, you will organize dinners with friends, Christmas lunches, snacks and stories.

Without a doubt, the dining room is one of the most important spaces in the house and today’s market offers many possibilities. However, be careful! When it comes to the Office, you have to make sure that it suits your needs. We offer your help by suggesting 6 basic rules.

1. Measure the space of the dining room

The first step is to determine how much space you can reserve for your new table. In this way, you can choose the size and shape without making mistakes.

Keep all objects and other furniture in the dining room. In these cases, precision is required.

To guarantee a good margin of movement, it will be good to reserve at least one meter around the table, in all directions. Save yourself great headaches by avoiding choosing a fabulous table, but this requires irritating maneuvers to become.

2. Choose the most suitable way

The forms of some tables harmonize better with the available space. The basic rules followed by interior designers are as follows:

  • Square and round tables are perfect for square spaces, but not for rectangular rooms because they create the feeling of restricted space.
  • Rectangular or oval tables harmonize well with spacious or rectangular spaces. This is not the case, however, for square rooms, in which they are quite uncomfortable.

3. Evaluate the materials

Style and taste are very personal issues. However, a few factors will make a difference to the usability of your desktop. Do you have children at home? Bet on materials resistant to risk and less permeable.

If everyone revolves around your table, choose durable materials. Solid wood and glass often hold up very well to scratches and other accidents. Another possibility is that of a table with a ceramic top: they are fashionable and have proven difficult.

4. The base is also important

The base largely on comfort, when it’s time to sit around the table. If you want to host dinner parties and gatherings, choose a pedestal base, which offers more space to accommodate your legs. Also, this type of table helps you free up space in case you live in a small house.

5. Do not neglect the chairs

Remember that chairs are often the first item to be damaged. As a result, it’s a good idea to buy easy templates to replace.

The use of combining different sessions in the dining room has now become widespread, such as benches or elongated armchairs with headrests. If you have children, choose a dark fabric because stains make the space less beautiful.

6. Choose colors out of time

The duration of your dining room also depends on the color you choose. Make sure the shadows can work with any future changes. Grey, brown, black and white are classics that can marry well with most palettes.

Advantages and disadvantages of dining tables depending on the shape

The most widespread table templates are round and square. However, they have some disadvantages that in some cases become a bad choice.

round dining table


The absence of angles in the round tables make them more welcoming, to the point of reviving and encouraging conversations. Your shape makes it easier for diners to see.

Usually this type of table rests on a pedestal; Therefore, it does not present the discomfort of table legs and corners when there are several diners. Also, if you have children, the absence of edges reduces the risk of accidents.


In a rectangular or tight space, round tables do not create harmony because they make it closer and reduce the possibilities of movement. You can move closer to the table so that a wall makes traffic easier, but you will lose the availability of a place, which could be convenient.

If you want to gather friends or family, the diameter of the table should be wide. This means that you can have a very large table, compared to the space you have available. Its shape also avoids additional chairs or join other table.

square dining table


A square table works great in a minimally furnished style home. It becomes even more elegant if you put a thick glass on its surface. A table in this style offers the opportunity to play with space: you can add it to a wall or a corner without any problem.

Also, if the number of guests should be larger than expected, you don’t have to additionally add another table at the same time.


The size of the square tables is quite small, since its use is provided for squares. Also, its corners are not suitable for children.

Likewise, if you host unexpected guests and find yourself needing to add chairs, you’ll eventually find it uncomfortable.

rectangular tables


If you have enough space, try a 6-seat rectangular table. This is a good option if you usually have a lot of guests.

Undoubtedly, it allows you to increase the number of places, providing space for a good number of chairs and without removing anything for everyone’s convenience.


Rectangular tables are usually very large and take up considerable space: consequently, they are not good in any home. They can convey a feeling of limited and uncomfortable space.

How to choose the ideal dining table

A table can be in a large style with surrounding furniture or play with contrasts: the important thing is the size and it adapts to the space it is intended for. A choice made with judgment can really make a difference.

Each house has its characteristics and the same rules are not always worth it. Instead, the basic principles work every time, and the main thing is to take into account the available space.

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