Bad Smells At Home: 9 Tricks To Neutralize Them

By Wiki Healthier Staff

To say goodbye to bad odors, in addition to using natural fragrances capable of neutralizing them, it is essential to ventilate the rooms to change the air.

The bad smell in the home is often concentrated in some rooms, such as the bed or the kitchen rooms

If you notice that your bedroom or any other room in your house has a bad odor, take note of these simple tricks. That will allow you to exclude it easily.

I am easy, cheap and fast. You will notice the difference immediately and say goodbye to bad smells at home!

1. Make sure you get your house tight

Even if it may seem obvious, if you do the rooms in your house right, it will change the air and you will be able to remove odors that have built up.

The smell can only depend on the fact that the air is not circulating properly, so nothing better than opening the windows for a while!

2. Clean the lamps

This advice is particularly important for those who are smokers. In reality, the smoke, in addition to leaving a bad smell in a closed room, forms an invisible layer on the lamps.

Consequently, every time you turn on the light and the lamp heats up, the bad smell. Just clean the lamp with a cloth to avoid this problem.

3. Choose fluorescent lights

Lamps and other decorative elements can become perfect allies to help you make your home always smell impeccable.

In this direction, opt for fluorescent lighting. This is because this type of lighting has tubes with a layer of titanium dioxide capable of absorbing bad odors as soon as the light turns.

they are special lamps, so you will have to go to a specialized store.

4. Clean the rugs

Often the bad odor in a room can come from fabrics, especially carpets.

To eliminate the bad smell, you will have to dust first and then use a product that allows dry cleaning of the fabric in question.

A good (and even cheap) option is baking soda.

5. Use the lemon

lemon has several properties, but also how many functions. Few are enough to eliminate the bad smell of fish or boiled vegetables that permeates the house or if you simply want to spread a good aroma in the house.

  • In this case, you need to cut three lemons and boil them in enough water.
  • Let cook for 3 over low heat until they begin to release some of their aroma. A very effective natural remedy.

6. Clean upholstery

Cleaning the upholstery of your sofas and armchairs is essential. Make sure that the product you use is compatible with the fabric of your furniture and also opted for a scented variant.

Before starting with the application of the product, it is better to vacuum because the cleaning is really effective.

For leather jackets, the most effective way to prevent odor is to clean them with oil-based leather or leather soap.

7. Opt for an aromatic spray

A solution based on aroma sprays is another trick to improve the aroma of the rooms in your home and say goodbye to bad smells.

In this case, simply put a few drops of lavender oil and water in a bottle with a nebulizer and spray the product in the different rooms, to eliminate the bad odors that accumulate.

8. Perfume The environment with Potpourri

Another way to perfume home environments is to use floral potpourri, which can be easily prepared at home.

Take a canvas bag and mix the fresh herbs and flowers. The result will be a flavored bag that will release an incredible perfume and that you can put in any area of ​​the room to avoid bad odors.

9. Vinegar absorbs bad odors

to put an end to bad odours, you can leave a glass of white wine vinegar in the room in question.

This way, after a few hours, the room will smell better because the vinegar will have absorbed everything unpleasant.

The same vinegar-based remedy also applies when it comes to washing critical rooms like the bathroom or kitchen.

Just put a cup of vinegar and water and let it act and then remove or clean it. You will notice the difference.

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Today we suggest some tricks to eliminate bad odors. In this way, the kitchen will have a good clean smell.