Back Pain: 4 Yoga Positions to Fight It

By Wiki Healthier Staff

Thanks to these yoga positions, in addition to supporting your back and avoiding contractures, you will be able to relax the entire area and relieve pain, reducing the possibilities you use in the future.

Back pain is now one of the most common problems, with the use of technological devices and stress being the potential causes of its ongoing appearance.

The pain should generally go away with a little rest and taking some pain reliever: however, it can sometimes last longer than normal, requiring another type of treatment.

Even if it seems strange, practicing some yoga positions can serve as a therapy to improve your symptoms.

Through it, circulation is stimulated and muscle tension is relieved, which prevents pain from quickly subsiding.

On this occasion, we want to reveal the 4 best yoga positions for this purpose, so do not hesitate to do them directly at home or in the office. Try us!

1. Flexited Flexited

This movement allows the necessary stretch of theses muscles of the spine and stimulates the nervous system.

How do you do it?

  • Stand on a yoga mat and place your feet hip-width apart.
  • Bend your knees and arch so that your bust is on your legs and your belly is touching your thighs.
  • Close your fists and position your arms as shown in the image.
  • relax your back, neck and head, and clench your fists.
  • between 10 and 20 repetitions, inspiring and expiring.

2. Wall axis

This move is a bit more complex and requires a good practice to be created correctly.

It is ideal for back pain located in the lower area, but also to relieve tension in the upper part of the body and alleviate back pain.

How do you do it?

  • Position in front of a wall with arms outstretched and lean your body forward, resting the palms of your hands against the wall, with poor fingers.
  • Hold your toes and push your belly back as you lower your tailbone to the floor.
  • Push the ribs with the pelvis for natural lower back precision.
  • Keep your spine long and start to walk with your legs back bending your hips and come to form an l.
  • > Repeat this exercise for 10 to 20 breaths, then return to the starting position.

3. Dog head inputs

OO Another or “Adho Mukha Svanasana” is an ideal position to warm up, since it involves stretching the entire body.

tones the nerves of the spine and promotes blood circulation in the lower area, helping to heal back pain.

It also serves to strengthen the muscles and articulation of arms, legs, neck and verso.

How to do this?

  • Get into dog position, with feet hip-width apart and palms for fulcrum.
  • Later, place the metatarsi and create the body in the dog position in an unfair muscle.
  • Raise the front ribs to ensure firmness and for the spine.
  • Push the coccy into jumps and apply pressure with the inside and outside of your feet.

4. Balasana or son position

The “balasana” or child’s position is a relaxed movement that generates an active stretch to stretch the spine.

It is used to relax between exercises or to complete a stretching routine. It is recommended to appease the stress associated with stress.

How do you do it?

As you can see, these yoga positions are easy to do and increase your sense of well-being.

If they are accompanied by breathing exercises or meditation, you can get many benefits for the balance of your body and mind.

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