3 Tips to Check for Water Retention

By Wiki Healthier Staff

When we suffer from water retention, we usually focus on diet. However, avoiding a sedentary life and massages located in the affected area can also be of great help. Many people need to control water retention, which can happen in any subject. Each of us, moreover, suffered at least once in his life.

The biggest problem in relation to this disorder, therefore, is not the knowledge of how to control water retention. It is a great ignorance in relation to this problem that is often associated only with the female.

This relationship between women and water retention is made by virtue of the high possibility that it has to suffer during the menstrual cycle. However, men are not exempt for anything.

It is not necessary to emphasize the perfect; In any case, it would not feel wrong to name the problems that arise when an imbalance occurs in any body.

What is water retention?

Speaking of ignorance that this disorder involves, we must clarify certain fundamental aspects:

  • What is water retention
  • What are the influencing factors
  • what kind of problem has manifested itself

It is the consequence of the accumulation of liquids, especially water, in most of the tissues that belong to the body. The main factor of the incidence is due to a hormonal imbalance that must be responsible for the regulation.

Why is water retention associated with women?

Women are more likely to experience water retention during the second phase of their cycle, or between ovulation and the onset of ovulation. This is due to the concentration of progesterone in the blood. Another factor that can influence, only in women, are contraceptives.

Other factors

As we already indicated, even men can suffer from this problem. For them, the most determining factors may be the following:


  • Prolonged positions (sitting, lying down, lying down, etc.).
  • sedentary life.

How to identify water retention?

How is a disease, does it also have symptoms?

  • joint pain.
  • Irritating in different parts of the body (legs, feet, arms, hands, breasts, bowl).
  • abdominal pain. The clothes
  • It feels very tight.
  • Body parts wider than others.

How to check water retention?

Although water retention can occur in anyone, it can also be kept under control in a fairly simple, quick and effective control.

it will be enough to follow some tips indicated in this article. If none of them work, it is advisable to consult your doctor.

1. Do a massage or walk to control water retention

One of the factors that affect water retention is sedentary life. When a person spends a long time without reaching any physical activity, it hinders the correct blood circulation, which translates into an ingestion of the whole body.

In the long term, this resulted in split water retention in various areas of the body, especially the lower ends (feet, legs, thighs).

To stop or fight it, it is advisable to spend a long walk every day. In this way, immediately promote normal blood circulation throughout the body.

In the event that we were very tired, a massage can also be maintained in the area where exhaustion or discomfort is perceived.

2. Suppose a little sugar and salt

excess sugar tends to accumulate in the body. However, the most harmful is present in candies and sweets. It tends to adhere to the body itself, making its own absorption impossible.

Salt is also the number 1 forbidden food for those who suffer from water retention because the sodium present prevents accumulated water from being properly eliminated. The advice is to reduce intake as much as possible.

3. Healthy diet to control water retention

Speaking in the body, setting aside a healthy diet, means not dealing with the problem in its entirety.

If you suffer from water retention, yes, I know to include fresh foods like bananas, onions, blueberries, fish, walnuts, and almonds. Eliminate sodium, they are diuretics and have anti-inflammatory properties.

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